Diffuser Necklaces

Look what I started making so we can have longer lasting benefits of using essential oils!


They are made of clay and retain the therapeutic effects for hours. One drop on the back and one on the front is all you need!

I have around 15 styles and 20 colors available now and more coming soon!


They are completely customizable. Pick your style and color!


Because they are each handmade, by yours truly, they are definitely one of a kind.


Boys and girls. Adults and children. There is a necklace for everyone just like there is an oil for just about anything!


With winter coming and threats of horrible viruses I am loading ours up with Thieves…..


I cannot wait to make you your own! Visit me on Etsy NOW Boutique and Ebay

For more information on oils please visit my website @ Young Living



The best medicine…..


My handsome hubby had a tummy ache. Without any “medicine”for it, as I have stopped buying over the counter medicine handsome hubby came to me. I was ecstatic! No, not that he was sick! I was getting to show him how wonderful these oils are through him. He has seen the positive effects they have had on the rest of us but not personally.

Which by the way, our 3 year old was asleep in 20 minutes last night. He didn’t get out of bed once. No more laying with him and no more hour and a half bedtime routine.

Ok, so off to my E.O. stash. I grab peppermint. Within minutes of it rubbed on his temples, a few pressure points and the back of his neck he is feeling better. Quickly making a concoction of thieves, lavender and peppermint for the diffuser which surprisingly smelled good. He is no longer at the point of vomiting, nauseated and his stomach has settled.