Jesus Held Me

Jesus Held Me.


Jesus Held Me

Handsome Hubby has shared his “story”— testified— many times since Jesus held him. Writing this story for all to be blessed by soon became a necessity as God would interrupt Handsome Hubby’s prayers to lead him.

God would say, “Write.”

Handsome Hubby told me about these occasions. I asked what stories he wanted to tell. We didn’t know he wanted Handsome Hubby’s testimony written, at that time.

HH told the family of some wonderful ideas he has been working on for years in hopes of one day putting them on paper.

The family chose one — THE PROPHECY OF HONOR.

A great epic story of good versus evil with dragons, knights and sorcery. A far cry from what I expected HH to pitch as a retired cop, detective, investigator, and Polygraphist. I expected an epic Civil War piece — he pitched that. I expected true crime– he pitched that. I did not expect dragons and sorcerers. Our family chose Prophecy of Honor because it didn’t fit the stereotypical writing genre for a retired cop.

The success of Prophecy doesn’t surprise me. Prequels and sequels are in the planning stages.

But almost every time HH prayed since writing his first book he continued to hear, “Write.”

He wasn’t quite sure what God wanted him to write so he asked. HH was shown his testimony.

He now knew what needed to be written. He knew what he was being asked to write. He wanted to share the story; he had verbally shared it several times before. Grown veteran State Policemen were brought to tears by Handsome Hubby’s story.

Several attempts were made to complete his book but illnesses got in the way, he travelled more than usual and the like. He promised God he would finish it and locked in a completion date. Knowing he could not break a promise he made to God kept the book part of his daily. Yet again, minor set backs kept the book from being finished.

I was very involved in the writing of Prophecy. I read the new material daily, came up with names for characters/ places that were ultimately not used and helped publish it.

“Jesus Held Me” was a different story. I wanted as far away from the book as possible. Memories that had faded into the deep crevices of my mind were just where they needed to stay.

You see, when Handsome Hubby first thought to he needed to write this story he thought we needed to write it together.

My thought, was that he needed to write it from his memory. If he was way off on something I would remind him.

Honestly, I couldn’t bare to go through the emotion of it again. For me to co-write would mean exact, factual, point on details. I didn’t want to go there.

I didn’t want to drag out my accordion file folder, literally and figuratively speaking. The files that have exact notes of behavior, medications, notes about doctors visits and the diary I started.

The diary lasted 1 night. I thought it might be a good idea to jot the stuff down HH was up to one evening. He writes about this night in detail in the book. I didn’t know then what he was hallucinating and he never told me until he wrote it in Jesus Held Me. Needless to say, I cried and thanked God for me not keeping a diary of the rest of the nights.

Sure, there are places I would have wanted to add my own thoughts.

He says I left him twice. I did have to leave a few more times but only when he was in the care of his parents. I did go across the street to get clothes one day. I was pregnant and literally washed my clothes in the bathroom sink.

I would have said that his sisters that live locally brought us tons of food. In fact, he ate sushi for the first time and loved it so much I got him sushi when I bought maternity clothes.

I would have said he was much more sensitive to sounds, light and smell than he even explains.

I would have said that through that pain he was always so sweet, tender and loving. I get headaches and want to blow a gasket. He was a rock.

Memories flood my mind as tears flood my eyes remembering those days now.

The world is a better place because of Woody Overton!

In the end, he wrote what was important. JESUS HELD HIM and he has an extraordinary testimony. We do actually.

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Proud Wife!

Prophecy of Honor can be purchased by clicking the link to Amazon or on Smashwords and Createspace.

Prophecy of Honor is my Handsome Hubby’s first book! He is currently writing another. His second book is not fiction. It is a true story and is a must read!

Follow his blog to keep up to date on his new books release and what is going on in the Legion of Honor series.