Jesus Held Me

Jesus Held Me.


Soul Mates

Today I read a post by on Facebook that inspired me to click through to see the whole story. The post read something along the lines of- They made it even though others said they wouldn’t.

Here where my brain shoots off into several directions:

My marriage is perfectly imperfect. My husband and I are without a doubt soul mates. Sure, some people get sick of hearing others say they are married to their soul mate. I make no apologies for saying it. It’s true. God placed us together. Those that know our story understand.

Earlier this morning after dropping 2 kids off at school I heard something on the radio that made me sad. A wife was in a funk in her marriage. She didn’t want to wake up next to her husband any longer. The smallest things he did annoyed her. She, in essence, couldn’t stand to look at him at this point in their marriage but she loved him. She wanted to know what to do. The advice as simple. — stay, it’s just a phase. You will get through it and try to do things to bring that spark back.

Handsome Hubby and I, as I said, have a perfectly imperfect marriage. We definitely get aggravated with one another and have little quarrels. But I have never ever ever not wanted to wake up next to him or see him. As far as I know he feels the same way??

My families rule when as a child was that no one could go to bed angry. I’m sure you’re familiar with the rule as most families use it or say they do. My philosophy with Handsome Hubby is quite different. We can be upset or angry but we have to hold one another as we do every night, even though we are angry, hurt, upset, etc. We have held on just as tight, if not tighter on those very rare occasions.

The beginning of our courtship and marriage was very stressful. Many outside factors created the stress. One of our most stressful times was called to mind when I saw the post. click here

While watching the video I couldn’t help but go back to a time in the “honeymoon” period of our marriage. Handsome Hubby was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. He is actually writing his second book about this right now- Jesus Held Me.

He was incapable of taking care of himself for months. I thought it was going to be that way for the rest of his life. He could not care for himself, carry a conversation, have light, noise or smells around him. He, by the grace of God was not brain damaged. His trigeminal neuralgia, also known as “the suicide disease”, was miraculously healed by an ENT. Pregnant and madly in love with my soul mate I was prepared for “the worst” and did my human part to make sure that didn’t happen. I never left his side, I researched the horrific debilitating disease and had absolute faith he would be healed. Coming to an understanding that the spouse I married was no longer the same worldly person was not difficult because our souls were forever connected. I told myself that no one could care for him as I would and for that reason I understood why Jesus brought us together, all the while having faith in his healing.

Handsome Hubby was held by Jesus and has a faith stronger than anyone I know. Our faith in Jesus never felt tested during this time. We grew stronger. Handsome Hubby has told me a during other very stressful times I have more absolute, blind faith than him. I know Jesus has carried me through times but I have not physically felt him hold me as my husband. I will never forget the moment he almost left me for Jesus and I told him “NO!”

I cannot say I will never feel like the woman did on the radio today. Never say never. However I seriously doubt it. In fact, just a few days ago we were at home. He was walking in the house from checking on the boat and my heart jumped. He literally takes my breath away and I can’t believe he’s all mine!

Given he tells me that I am beautiful everyday I guess I still have the same effect on him….

We are blessed more than words!

In closing, I fully understand this beautiful couples love. Although it might look as if she has given up a lot to take care of him, make no mistake she would not be complete without him. He too has sacrificed for her. He will never be the husband he dreamt of being. They are souls mates and it’s a beautiful magnificent gift from God.

God Bless them!

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