He said I wrote like a PRO!

Ahh…. summertime!

For us, summer translates to boat time.

I guess you could say we have two seasons here: boating and hunting.

We work as a family all week to take care of chores and maintenance around the camp so that when the weekend comes we can BOAT!

With 4 school age children at home we have daily chores, weekly chores and school work that must be completed.

Summer bridge work is very important to us here. Not the kids, the parents.

This summer it seems Handsome Hubby and I have some extra work too! Writing books! Meeting our own deadlines!

Handsome Hubby’s author page is linked here

His second book “Jesus Held Me” is a wonderful story of a terrible time in our lives.

“Prophecy of Honor”, his first book is close to becoming a “best seller” on Amazon.

He is rewriting it to add some character depth as I type this!

My second book

will be released soon! Like real soon!

Look for the first, which I must say is not my best writing but is a story of triumph over struggles with weight. I consider it a “must read”. Don’t judge the second book based on the first.

When Handsome Hubby read the second he told me he thought a professional wrote it! His comment for the first was “get it published, it’s a great story”. Both compliments! I like being a PRO THO!

You can link to that here.

My third book will be fiction and I am scared to say the least! I may have to write under a pen name? We will see!


Home Alone (well with 3 kids and no husband)

Handsome Hubby is an accomplished writer, detective/ investigator, security consultant, shrimper/ crabber, hunter, and polygraphist to name a few of his talents.

He travels pretty often.

I don’t like it. I miss him tremendously when he is away.

When he is away things aren’t quite the same. I have the same feeling when one of out children is not home, too. Something isn’t quite right. We aren’t complete.

Today he is traveling. The polygraph he had scheduled cancelled. This allowed him to check into a hotel much earlier than expected. (He has another polygraph scheduled for that area tomorrow as well)

Guess what he is doing? WRITING!

He’s writing his next book! If you haven’t read his first book, you can buy it here. It’s a great read!

The sales grow everyday. It’s his
first born book. We are so very proud of it!

This next book will knock your socks off. It’s a true story. Quite the opposite of PROPHECY OF HONOR. Both books are extremely unique in their own way. Prophecy of Honor is a story he created over many years. Developing the story only in his head. He has planned the next 3 books or more. Going back in time for prequels and moving ahead in sequels. To see this process amazes me.

So even though he is missed tremendously I am so happy he gets to write without distraction. I’m so proud of his work ethic and attitude. When the people scheduled today cancelled he said “no problem, I’ll write”.

One of the wonderful advantages to being married to someone as diverse as Handsome Hubby (other than he’s gorgeous!!) is we always have options!

Jesus is with us every step of every day. We are blessed beyond words!