Diffuser Necklaces

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Adult ADD: A Self Diagnosis Part 1

Oh my goodness, I cannot let so much time go between posts. I’ve been so wrapped up in handsome hubby’s book, Prophecy of Honor, there has been no time for either blog or my book.

Now, I feel more like I have ADD than usual. No, I am not making light of a very difficult condition to live with. I truly feel this way, and work hard everyday to stay focused on tasks at hand.

Never have I had to focus so hard to keep my attention to detail. When editing a book, detail is all that matters!

Never have I felt so unintelligent. Spending countless hours editing only to find errors I missed. I majored in English and Psychology! Editing should not be rocket science! I taught 7th and 9th grade English for goodness sakes. I should be able to make sure sentence structure is correct with my eyes closed.

Well, no. It seems I confused tenses and even forgot simple quotation rules. Thinking I needed a refresher course I studied up on grammar rules. My problems were not solved.

At some point along the way each time I sat to edit, it seemed all the words would blur at which point I would not catch any more errors and quite possibly created more.

Sadly, this topic was not even what I intended to blog about today. Realizing that, I took a break from this and quickly researched adult ADD. I’ve never been formally diagnosed although my mom, and my brother have been. The symptoms are quite eye opening. Let’s just say that out of 26, I truly experience 21. Or was it 19. I forgot already! Seriously. It was one of the two. The chart says if you experience 10 or more you should be tested.

An internal sense of anxiety.
Impulsive spending habits.
Frequent distractions during sex.
Lack of attention to detail.
Family history of ADD, learning problems, mood disorders or substance abuse problems.
An attitude of “read the directions when all else fails.”
Frequent traffic violations. Impulsive job changes.
Trouble maintaining an organized work and/or home environment.
Chronically late or always in a hurry.
Frequently overwhelmed by tasks of daily living.
Poor financial management and frequent late bills.
Spending excessive time at work due to inefficiencies.
Inconsistent work performance.
Nagging sense of underachievement.
Frequent mood swings.
Trouble sustaining friendships or intimate relationships.
A need to seek high stimulation activities.
Tendency toward exaggerated outbursts.
Transposing numbers, letters, words.
Tendency toward being argumentative.
Addictive personality toward food, alcohol, drugs, work and/or gambling.
Tendency to worry needlessly and endlessly.
“Thin-skinned” – having quick or exaggerated responses to real or imagined slights.
Frequently misplace the car keys, your purse or wallet or other day-to-day items.
Trouble following the proper channels or chain of commands.

My name is Cyndi and I have ADD.

This is fine. Here is my current ( current as of 10 minutes ago) dilemma. I know how I feel about myself on a daily basis. I fight a huge internal battle everyday to overcome the negativity from deep inside. I’ve always known certain parts of “me” were attributed to ADD, I just didn’t know how many. I rationalized those things by saying “I’m creative.”

Reading this list I now understand myself better but am forced to decide whether to seek medical help. Do I take the test? I know, I will be diagnosed. If I’m diagnosed my doctor will recommend to medicate me.

I’ve always said I would try every cognitive behavior therapy available to help my children, if diagnosed with ADD, before medicating.

I guess I have answered my own question. I will have to begin my therapy. Luckily, self improvement is something I love.

Do you have ADD? What do you do to help your condition? How does it effect you? When were you diagnosed? How has your life changes since?

I’m looking forward to all comments.

Too 10 Reasons Not To Blog According To Me

I have not attempted an entry in this blog in over a month. I have quite a few reasons for this. In fact, although I am not a fan of David Letterman I think I’ll explain in Top 10 format.

10. Who reads this thing anyway?
9. The anniversary of the death of my first real pet was October 4.
8. One of my best friends passed away
7. One of my brothers got married
6. Another had a baby– well his wife.
5. I wanted to see if I missed writing.
4. I found out that there is a whole other world out there that I cannot begin to fathom.
3. We had a hurricane/ tropical storm
2. Research and development for a new venture
1. My hands are too cold to type!

So there you have it- my Top 10 reason not to write. Let’s debunk those.

10: who cares
9. My Freckles would want me to write
8. My friend would definitely want me to write. Her Instagram name was beachwriter.
7. I could write about their very beautiful wedding
6. He’s so cute
5. I did.
4. The storm did no damage
3. Oh my goodness, I’m still processing
2. I could write about the new venture
1. My hands and feet are ice all the time. I need to work more in my thyroid issues not stop writing.

Lame first day back but there it is. I think ill write again later!

Thoughtful Thursday— “get over yourself”

Thoughtful Thursday……one of my favorite posts of the week. I love writing about the book I’m currently reading. These books are always spiritually based and thought provoking. There are still a few books that I want to write about and always forget! One, The Four Agreements, by Miguel Ruiz. Two, The Twelve Gifts of Birth. by Charlene Costanzo. Three, Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I’m sure there are more that will pop up but these 3 are wonderful pieces of literature.


Four simple things: be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions and always do your best. Hum? I mess up on all of these daily. Read the image above. Do you too? Why do we do this? If I could figure out why maybe I could figure out how to stop! I focus on being impeccable with my word. Saying what I mean and meaning what I say are very important. Gossiping about others is not an issue either. Speaking against myself is my problem. Marianne Williamson, my favorite author, says that people with poor self image need to ” get over their self”. Who are we to say we aren’t good enough? By doing this we are basically telling God he did not create us good enough! Well, obviously I’m happy with God’s creation. I look at my children. Each of them beautiful in their own unique way. When they have negative self talk it hurts my heart. I don’t want them to feel that way. I imagine God feels the same. You are going to think I’m crazy but to avoid negative thoughts I have avoided looking in the mirror. It’s true. I don’t have to wear makeup so it’s an easy thing to do. I don’t have to look at myself wearing sweats and I know how all of my other clothes look on me. I just avoid the mirror. Probably not the best choice of cognitive behavioral therapy! Some would say to dress nicely ever day, wear makeup, do your hair, etc. These things will make you feel better about yourself. I say no. That is not me. Makeup on my face is not me. Dressed up to stay home playing and cleaning– uh, not going to happen. Handsome hubby says I should only care what he thinks. Well it’s not that easy. Others say abused children have lower self esteem. I know personally that is not always the case. I can pinpoint where my negative self talk came. It was embedded in my head from a young age. It is not of God. It is earthly. It is not of Love. It therefore is not real. Our self image, self esteem and self talk create our tomorrow. I chose my tomorrow to be better than today. For a proper cognitive behavioral therapy lesson I’m going to look in the mirror and tell you something about my head, my torso and my lower body that I like. I’m grateful for all of it. By the grace of God I have a fully functioning body. I’m thankful for that everyday. Ok so here goes!………………….
Head——-eyes and dog bite scar
Torso ———–wrists. Don’t laugh! They are tiny! Birthmark on my back– it is the same shape as my grandfathers and in the same place!
Lower body——-pigment scarring on my right ankle

I think that’s enough for now. This has taken me forever to get through! I hope to have time to continue writing later.

My name is Cyndi and I am sensitive

It’s a Terrific Tuesday here!

Each day I think I know what I’m going to write about the following day. It always changes.

This morning I called a friend of mine, my step daughters mom. We have a great relationship. I actually called her to joke about my addiction to receipts because of a new app she introduced me to, Receipt Hog. You earn money by scanning receipts. I highly recommend it. Here’s the link to it.

During the conversation we discussed a few different things which led to me saying that I’m more of an emotional thinker and she is more logical. She said “if she wasn’t it would drive her crazy” I think she said “Maybe, you’ll get over it one day”. To which I replied, “I’ve been this way all my life and struggle with it daily.” (This conversation is all ad libbed) Truth is, I have mixed feelings about being highly emotional/ sensitive . Yes, I’m stressed constantly. Yes, I cry daily. Yes, not many people can handle being around me ( my interpretation).

Here’s a few things I’ve read about sensitive/ emotional people:
With a sensitive personality you have compassion and great empathy for others. But at the same time your spirit can’t endure as much as someone with a tough personality. Everything that everyone says has significant meaning which is a double edged sword. Being sensitive gives a greater awareness of the world around you. Intuition is high!

Psych central positively states there are 5 gifts of being highly sensitive and there are!
My goodness, this article spoke to me. I encourage you to read it as well. It’s a quick 5 minute read. It will help you understand you or maybe a loved one.

Now the disadvantages…….
1. Negative self talk
2. Perfectionism
3. Takes a while to process things
4. Overstimulated easily

After reading this article I no longer view my sensitivity as a crutch or handicap. Maybe that’s been the lesson I needed to learn, the core belief I need to change. Following The Map by Boni Lonnsburry, we are asked to look deep within ourself to see if a core belief is holding us back. It seems I have found a deep core belief that has negatively defined me. I have always believed that being sensitive was somehow wrong, weak, burdensome. Now I see the exact opposite.

I closed my conversation with my friend today by saying that I worked everyday trying not to be so sensitive. No wonder I never felt quite right, whole, complete, etc. I was denying who I am, who I was
created to be.

My new core belief which I will tweak is:
I am a sensitive soul and that is what God created me to be. I will relish in it!

What a beautiful gift to finally be ok with who I am!


Terrific Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!


Today is a terrific day. The good Lord finally took my Nanny to Heaven where she will suffer no longer. She will not suffer from Alzheimer’s that claimed her brain over 10 years ago. She will not suffer any earthly troubles. Please don’t misunderstand, I type this with tears in my eyes. I mourn her loss greatly. I’m not going to pretend that I was active in her life. I loved her dearly and certain family issues kept me from visiting her more often. I will say that she KNOWS I love her greatly. Her impact on my life was enormous. To me, she was Martha Stewart before Martha Stewart. She kept an immaculate house, cooked like a trained chef, and had tea every afternoon with homemade ginger snaps topped with a “spot of butter”. She made everything from scratch. A meal either had courses or plenty of sides. My grandmother immigrated from Newfoundland. She has a lot of English influence hence the tea every afternoon. Everyone giggled at dinners because she would always say ” does anyone need a little _______ up their end?” in her Newfoundland accent. She was so proper but knew exactly what she was saying. It was just something she grew up with “Would you fancy a spot of tea?” as we’ll.


I had 9 grandparents, with my steps. My Nanny was my dads mom. She was my last remaining grandparent. She was 89. My dads dad, Pop-Pop passed away almost 15 years ago.

I would love to write a post about my relationship with each grandparent. Each was special. Each taught me great lessons or skills. Each loved me and I love them.

Today, though is about Nanny.


Days before her passing I received news she was doing poorly. I got daily updates. Yesterday I started having vivid memories. Doing nightly stretches with her was one memory. I guess that’s where I learned that great routine. Rolling her hair with pink rollers Saturday evening before church on Sunday.
I can only imagine how her hair looked after a 7-8 year old used pink styrofoam rollers on it. Sleeping with her, waking up with my head at the foot of the bed and my foot in her mouth. I had to make sure my feet were clean before going to bed. I still do this. Memory upon memory flood my head. Her scent. Her house. I can still probably tell you where everything in her house was. I remember stapling my hand to her island counter. The marks are still there. Too many memories for me to bore y’all with. But I had them and her scent for a reason. She came to say bye. How so I know this?

About 20 years ago my moms mom, Grandma, died. I had no clue she was in the hospital yet. The morning she passed away in the corner of my room I saw an angel. She looked and smelled like my grandma and said she loved me. She was gone in the blink of an eye. I went back to sleep. When I woke up we got the call she had passed.

About 8 years ago a close family friend got killed in a car accident. That afternoon unbeknownst to me I became overwhelmed with grief. Crying. I called my mom who lived 14 hours away. I didn’t know what to do. That’s when she told me what happened to our family friend. Then I knew what to mourn and settled down.

I’m in no way shape or form a psychic and boy do I wish my other grandparents presented theirselves to me. That type of experience would be considered once in a lifetime for most. Luckily I’ve been blessed with 3. My Great Aunt Dot, the lady in the middle of the picture below did have psychic abilities. I hope to tune mine in one day.


Nanny met my PopPop when he was in the Army and she worked at the photo shop at Niagra Falls. They had one meeting. He told her when he came back from his tour he would come get her and they were to be married. That is exactly what happened. She was an Army wife. Living all over the world with 5 kids must have been trying. She was a perfectionist. She didn’t clean. She scrubbed. She didn’t do anything half way. Her sense if humor was sacastic, quick and innocent. She loved animals. Her dogs and birds were her life once her kids all moved out. She had a piano but I don’t even know if she played. You couldn’t safely take a shower when we were all visiting Nanny and PopPops. Locks were picked and ice buckets were dumped. She loved a good steak and baked potato. Everything she made was delicious. She had a secret candy stash that only I knew about ( I’m sure everyone knew about it but she made me believe only me. That was special). She preferred to hang her clothes outside to dry. She had a plum tree with the best plums you ever had. She let me play with her Rolodex. I would call with the rotary dial phone everyone in the Rolodex. I would tell them who I was. She didn’t care. She had a special box of cereal just for me. I would sit with my Pop Pop and have a bowl as a bed time snack. She brought me to the beach and lifted me above the waves. She brought me to church. I watched her cook. Helped her cook and clean. Floods of memories come back. My Nanny in her younger days couldn’t be stopped.

The best way I can describe Nanny’s last years is like tuning in a radio. Looking for a signal. Some days the signal is clear. Some days, most days, I can only imagine the static that filled her head.

Today she soars with the other angels. I wonder who met her when she arrived?? I wonder the feeling of bliss she had reaching heaven? One thing I know for sure is she no longer is trapped in her body. Her brain no longer holds her hostage. She is free. I see her smile, hear her laugh, see the joy all around her.

Today is terrific for she suffers no more! Hallelujah!


I would love to read comments or stories about your relationships with your grandparents. Please share!