It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I have written and boy have I missed it!

I know I am not a great writer with interesting views and a huge vocabulary. I’m just a regular girl with thoughts and feelings.

Since I last posted ALOT has happened. Some good and some not so good.

My dad was diagnosed with glioblastoma in late November of last year. He is currently being treated at MD Anderson in Houston.

His symptoms came on seemingly quick. Although, now he can pinpoint some changes in his personality that started last summer. They traveled some of the east coast and spent a few days in Key West. He found it hard to get excited about things, he says.

He can run circles around any of us. He wakes up and goes to sleep with projects on his mind and lists written out. He retired from the U.S. Border Patrol when he was 49 years old! He hasn’t stopped one day. He is an avid motorcyclist, hunter, and tinkerer. He loves a challenge. In fact, he saved our house after Hurricane Isaac. Literally saved our house. He headed the project with his best friend and my brother.

At 66 years old nothing could stop him. NOTHING! Who knows how long he has had brain cancer. We will never know for sure. We do know that when the symptoms became too much for him to hide he had stage 4 brain cancer, glioblastoma.

He has been receiving radiation and chemotherapy for about a month with little or no side effects. He had gained some strength back. He had gain mobility in his left side. His speech had improved. The doctors warned of side effects in the beginning. I heard horror stories.

By the grace of God my dad has had an appetite and a good amount of energy. He hasn’t had the stereotypical side effects. When he heard the diagnosis his only response was “let’s kick its ass.” His fight has not wavered.

We have felt very blessed by this and I have questioned the ability for the radiation and chemo to be effective if he isn’t feeling anything. Well, all of that changed early Tuesday morning. My step-mom woke to him having seizures. They are staying at the hotel connected to MD Anderson and she called 911.

He was entubated after not responding to medication. He was sedated and has been in ICU since. He has lost mobility of his left hand and left leg. His brain is swollen.

I pray. What else can be done? I pray for so many things, mainly complete healing.

I regret. We aren’t supposed to regret things. That is not the way we are supposed to live. Well, I regret.

I stay busy. Handsome hubby and 4 kiddos keep me pretty busy but I have found another outlet too. I make diffuser necklaces to be used with or without essential oils and I enjoy my time making them. Even when there is chaos all around me I find making them peaceful, healing and right.

I pray a lot when making my necklaces.

So many people around me are effected by cancer. I decided to make a cancer ribbon. I give all of the profits to MD Anderson. Sure they are funded by a huge university. What can my minuscule amount of money do for them? I’m donating the money in my dads name. Knowing my dads name will be among donators names while he is going through the fight of his life means so much. Every dollar counts.

Trying to do something positive in such a difficult time is hard but necessary.

I hope to write again soon. I hope to have a more thought out post. I hope you continue to read. I pray for your health and happiness!

Until next time!

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I’m an addict…..

Metabolism Miracle has helped our family tremendously. We now have a healthier lifestyle. Carbs react differently as they digest now (not nice). My brain, at times, CRAVES and even demands them! It’s an internal struggle that is never ending. Addictions are addictions and unfortunately a carb addiction, although it doesn’t seem as threatening as others, can be. Metabolic issues are caused by underlying issues, as well as cause such things as diabetes. The carb cravings are real. Just as an alcoholic craves alcohol. Lifelong effects of any addiction is dangerous. Looking back on my child hood on up I know my metabolic issues are certainly my fault. Taking responsibility for this gives me power to fix it. More importantly the need to teach my children what to do and not do is an extreme passion! The rules are simple. We don’t have to live carb free. We do need to:
1: Eat within 1 hour of waking
2. Eat at least every 5 hours
3. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day
4. Eat more protein
5. Enjoy non starchy vegetables
6. Eat a snack before bed
7. Drink green tea
8. Exercise 30 minutes each day
Just to name a few.

Eating a honey bun washed down with a coke doesn’t really help you.

Waking up early to cook breakfast is worth it to help have a better chance of having a healthy metabolism. The hardest part in our home is getting one of my kids to eat breakfast, unless it’s a doughnut! We’ve found alternatives to this. Protein shakes are one. But as usual I get stray off…..

To be clear…..I am not making light of someone’s struggle with drugs and alcohol. My family had addictions of all kinds. These addictions affect and effect us all in different ways. Food addiction plagued a close relationship of mine for years until the person decided enough was enough. The wall between the couple caused by the food was much the same as that of an affair, alcohol or drugs. Except it seemed so simple. Why couldn’t the other just stop eating?!!
Up until one sentence ago I always felt blessed to not have an addiction. Ha! Duh? Yo-yo diets for years? Needing to lose 80 pounds??? Struggle with wanting to eat sweets daily? Addiction? I think so! A recovering addict to say the least.

Well they say in AA the first step is admitting you have a problem. I say that’s obviously not true. I mean I knew I needed to lose weight so I did it. Food addict? Never did I imagine.

So I’m here to say ” hi, my name is cyndi and I’m addicted to food”

Tell me your thoughts.

Thoughtful Thursday —- 7 ways to love what you don’t like

Happy Thursday!!!

So… do you have some things, or circumstances, or people in your life that you wish were not there or things would be different. Maybe you dislike these people, things or circumstances, but they are not going anywhere. You are as I like to put it ” in a pickle”.

On one hand, you know you create your own reality, and your very dislike of anything creates more things to dislike. On the other hand you can’t just hide your head in the sand, think happy thoughts and ignore an ongoing problem, expecting it to just disappear…or can you?

Today I want to write about how to change what you don’t like in your life. This CAN be done without giving it more energy by focusing on it. You also don’t have to pretend its not happening and have nothing to change.

An important part of this process is to remind you everything is changeable.

Recognizing what needs to change is the only way you can change your reality. I don’t mean recognize by complaining about it. Complaining will only keep you in a negativity spiral! I mean take your power back and do something about it.

Click here to go to Live a life you love’ site
This information was taken directly from there. But there is so much more!

So…how DO you change what you dislike? Here are some steps you can take which will change your world, if you really want it to change:

1. Let it (all) out.
If something isn’t going well, or someone has betrayed, disappointed or hurt you, give yourself some time to really let in, and then express, how it makes you feel. Actually feel the anger, hurt, sadness, rage, etc. Pound some pillows, write a letter (don’t mail it), or imagine an encounter in which you tell another exactly how you feel.

WARNING – do not skip this step! If you skip releasing your constricting emotions you will not be clear enough to complete the rest of the steps at the depth with which they need to be completed.

2. Discover why you are creating it.
Things don’t just happen—to anyone. If there is something in your life you do not like, it is because you put it there—consciously or not. Why would someone create something negative in their life?

Very likely deep-seated beliefs create your reality What might they be? They might be one or several of these (or a thousand more I haven’t listed):

I don’t deserve to have a wonderful, loving and committed relationship.
I am not worthy of having a man make a deep and loving commitment to me.
I am not worthy of being loved.
I do not make good choices in relationships.
I must hold onto what I have because I may not find anything better.
Relationships are hard.
I’m not a good role model.
Atleast my kids are better than I was at their age.
Men and their needs are more important than women and theirs.
People keep secrets from me.
People are not trustworthy.
I don’t deserve to be happy.

Your sabotaging beliefs need to be discovered and changed. I know it does not seem possible to change a belief—because beliefs, by their very nature, just seem like “just the way it is”. But you can change beliefs. And believe me, it will change your world.

3. Ask “who else” is creating it?
There are other aspects of each of us who are not as advanced, emotionally, and oftentimes they are having significant impact on our creations. These are your child self, your adolescent self, and your young adult self.

If these selves have a negative view of men, women, relationships or the world, they will keep a pattern in place indefinitely…until you (the adult, conscious self) change it. How do you change it?

You go back and talk to each of them. In a visualization, imagine yourself in the place and time they lived. Find them in the house they lived in and tell them about your struggle (in this case, with relationships). They will tell you what they think, fear, hate, love…and these thoughts, feelings and underlying beliefs are creating your world.

Make note of the beliefs, give these younger selves happy, wonderful relationships and rich, beautiful lives, and then change the beliefs you just discovered!

4. Set your boundaries.
It is self-loving to have boundaries. You will find as you grow and change, your boundaries will change. At certain stages of life, strict boundaries are necessary to protect yourself, to love yourself and to develop healthy relationships. At later stages, few boundaries are necessary—because you will be creating such a loving world, few are needed.

But at every stage one must decide what it is you can, and can’t, live with.

5. Determine what you do want and flow energy to that desire.
When things happen in our lives we dislike, we tend to be reactive instead of proactive. We fight the reality instead of moving into a space of creating a new reality. But that won’t change anything. The only thing that will change a reality is putting out new energy that is in alignment with what you want.

So even though you may be deciding what to do about the reality you are in, you still need to be clear about the reality you want to live. Set your intentions. And begin to imagine yourself with your dreams coming true.

6. Take (appropriate and inspired) action.
Once you have changed the beliefs, and become clear on what you do want, this step becomes easy.

7. Watch your world respond.
Your world will change, with this work. Be aware of the little “signs” around you that are signifying you are headed in the right direction.

And remember you cannot control whether another in your life will choose the reality you want. Yes, sometimes the changes do result in the end of a relationship, a job or a living situation.

You won’t know how it will turn out. And you may feel that making strong choices for your own life will hurt another. But trust every time you choose more joy, freedom, love and expansion, ultimately you are making a positive impact on all the lives of those around you.


You can’t really love what you dislike. You can only change what you dislike into a reality you love.

Some would say it’s not easy to change what you do not like (and sometimes it isn’t)—but it is your choice. You can always stay right where you are, for days, weeks, years or even lifetimes.


Wellness Wednesday- 7 Dimensions of Wellness


Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

As I pondered what to write about today tons of ideas flowed through my head. Essential oils to help stop coughs, for example. The positive effects of drinking more water. Great diet recipes I’ve made up along the way. How I’ve melted 3 pounds off in 2 days. But something came to mind, something deeper. A place I have a hard time keeping my brain from going, D
This is WELLNESS WEDNESDAY, why not focus on what it mean to be well? Really well. I don’t mean, you haven’t gone to the doctor in 6 months or a year well or I don’t take prescription pills everyday well or even, my medicine makes me feel better well. I mean WELLNESS.

What is wellness?

According to the great authority on definitions, Merriam-Wevster, wellness is defined as ” the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal. Again, I choose to take this D

To me, wellness is more than being in good health, or making it an actively sought goal. Wellness consumes your whole being.

In the pie chart above you see 7 EQUALLY distributed sections, also known as dimensions. There is social, occupational, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and environmental. These are all interrelated. If one is not “well” another will not be “well” either.

To be socially well you are able to perform social roles effectively and comfortably, as well as create a support network. Are you socially well? If not, maybe you can work on spending more time with friends. Maybe you aren’t socially well because you lack friends or close family members. In that case, I would suggest getting involved in activities that promote social interaction. Even eating in the lunch room at work if you normally eat at your desk. Join a mommy and me group or go to the park. Do something, anything to increase your socialization. If doing these things makes you uncomfortable try to look for reasons that might be. In fact, look at the others dimensions in the pie chart.

Occupational wellness is probably one of the most difficult to achieve. More times than not we get locked into a job that we don’t want or like. 74% of employed people say they would change jobs or professions if they could. Even in this economy, 2 million people quit their jobs every month. Why? They don’t like their boss, lack of empowerment, internal politics and lack of recognition see How can we improve our occupational wellness? Make a quality decision before accepting a position. Decide what kind of company you want to work for. Look at their mission statement. Does it reflect your needs? Ask pertinent questions to your needs during the interview process. People forget they can do that. Always stay out of office gossip. Recognize your subordinates as well as your leaders. If you find you’ve made a bad career choice take steps to make a right choice then do what ever is necessary to make the new career happen.

Physical wellness entails much more than physical. A healthy body consists of good nutrition too. Eating as “clean” as you can, eliminating chemicals in prepackaged foods, eliminating fast foods, drinking more water, drinking green tea, eating nuts as snacks, taking a great multivitamin, adding leafy greens, eliminating sugar, and adding strength and cardio workouts are all simple things we can do daily to improve our physical wellness no matter what we are struggling with be it weight, cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic resistance, thyroid issues, as well as many others.

Intellectual wellness is not over when you graduate from college. We must maintain our thought processes, develop higher level thinking through our life, grow, change, adapt and expand our knowledge. Being open minded is the best way to achieve intellectual wellness. Sometimes while reading articles or listening to the news I just want to stop. My thoughts are not very nice. My grandfather, a high ranking Marine, taught me an important lesson early in life. He said to never stop learning and never discriminate where I learn from. I didn’t quite understand then but I do now. When he left the service he was a golf pro of all things and never missed a semester of school. Never working towards a degree. He took classes to seek knowledge, to understand, he embraced computers in fact he taught me a thing or two when I was quite young and they were new to us. The not discriminating part I didn’t understand until much later. He meant, get info anywhere and everywhere you can. Don’t judge the information or the person giving it to you. You can learn a lot this way! Sadly he died of cancer. He never took a pain pill, and never stopped learning. The cancer consumed his body finally attacking his brain.

Emotional wellness is described as understanding your feelings and coping effectively with stress. I need help with this one, quite honestly. Considering it has taken me since 7:45 a.m.( it is now 2:40) to type this much. I have made 7 different meals, given 1 child 2 baths, as well as cleaned, parented and all the other daily stuff, feel 3 fever blisters popping out, my back is so tight I can’t move my neck, learned that my grandmother ( my last grandparent alive) who has been suffering from alzhiemers for many years is not doing very well at all and I doubt I’ll get to see her anytime soon, plus I have dinner to now cook I don’t think I can think of any ideas at this moment to help with emotional wellness. I’m stressed!

Spiritual wellness helps us seek meaning and a higher purpose. Daily prayer or sometimes every 1/2 hour prayer helps. Finding your spiritual self is key. Be quiet, spend time alone, listen. ( if you are like me this is not easy to do and rarely happens) If you don’t have a base religion, or even if you do explore new ones. Be curious. Practice acceptance. This is such a touchy subject I will stop there. Just push yourself. Push yourself deeper into the spiritual world. There’s peace there.

Environmental wellness is respecting the delicate balance between the environment and ourselves. Do you take care of the environment ? Reduce? Reuse? Recycle? Carpool? That sort of thing. What is your environmental impact?

When all 7 of these key dimensions are as equal as you can make them, then and only then are you fully well. I must say, doing this post today has been eye opening for me. I hope it will be for those of you that read it. I’ve found out certainly what I already knew but never took the time to put it all together as a whole entity. I guess I was avoiding the obvious. We can’t be fully well if we don’t take care of our whole self.

All of my information is from this site

Terrific Tuesday July 16, 2013

It’s a Terrific Tuesday at the Overton House!

Tempted to write a poor pitiful me post—– I resist. Deciding ultimately


I want to write about the wonderful celebration we had for our 3 year olds birthday last Saturday! But I’m waiting on the pictures from my dear friend. She took over 400 that day alone. Yes 400!! I can’t wait!! So that post HAS to wait for the pics, no two ways about it.

I had to practice what I preach today by making a list of things to be grateful for or happy about. Boy did I have many. I also validated what I’m sad about by making another list. I’ve kinda come in and out of a depressed state since the whole twitter thing. I wear my heart on my shoulder? Sleeve? Whichever, it’s right there…… Doing research on how to best handle teenagers because this is our oldest…..We have 3 more to go! Seemingly we are handling everything correctly and this is normal behavior ( which we knew). Next item on my sad list was my baby sister, who is 25 and I’m so proud of has moved to Nashville. It’s just bittersweet. This actually made it to both lists. I’ve gained 6 pounds. Enough said about that. And that’s quite enough complaining on my part.

Then I look at friends and family who have friends and family suffering, dying, and caring for spouses that have suffered major illnesses. I feel ashamed of myself. Im so excited to see friends prospering by being highlighted in fabulous blogs and magazines about their party products being used by celebrity parties, sending products to Anthropolgy for review to possibly carry in their stores, doing makeup for magazine covers, my daughter going to California for a week with a whirlwind of activities planned. I have a house full of HEALTHY kids to care for, cook for, help study, quiz, play games with, teach, stand in front of the TV and sing Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline with before the All Star game tonight. My friend, that took all the pic, just left her older son here deciding he was better off. We read daily. He is quizzed on his books as well as he has to follow the house rules of earning tv and phone time. I love it! My sister is settled, already, in her new house in Nashville. The wonderful site of my handsome husband every morning. I’ve lost 2 pounds of the 6 I gained. So many good things.

So yes after a day of ups and downs and a spontaneous cry while driving I finally realized at 10 pm it was in fact a Terrific Tuesday!

I had to add this because I have a friend I lean on almost every night. I’m very grateful for her!!!


Mommy Monday- July 15, 2013


I’ve been duped, had. The wool pulled over my eyes. Why? I let it. I wanted to, I chose to trust one of our teens that honestly has proven they cannot be trusted. Total disrespect!!!!!! I could easily not write about this. I could easily write about my original thoughts for today’s post which was preparing a weeks worth of meals in advance. But there’s a lesson here.


Trust your gut. I want Mommy Monday to focus on mommy’s taking care of their self. In a sense trusting your gut is. To trust your gut is to listen to an accumulation of data collected by you and your ancestors for centuries. The information on this is incredible. Anyways……We don’t always like what our gut has to say. My gut kept telling me not to trust. But I WANTED to. I REALLY wanted to. Almost like a wife choosing not to see a husbands indiscretions I turned my head.

Lesson learned.

Long story short. We’ve had problems with poor picture choices on Instagram, fighting on Instagram with other kids and various other normal teenage issues. I’ve asked this particular child about twitter. When the answer was evasive I should have trusted my gut but I didn’t. Yesterday a series of things happened that led to me getting on twitter. I have an account with no activity. This particular teen is going to California in a few days for about a week. I get emails about trending things on twitter that I always ignore but there was something she might have been interested in. At the same time, we have a friends child staying with us that told me about something else I needed to look at. So naively I get on twitter. I think let me check the kids names. Type in one. She has an account but no posts. Type in the other and I’m dumbfounded. What I saw isn’t as bad as what I might make it seem. Yes, it’s probably normal teenage stuff. That’s not the point. What was on there saddened, angered and embarrassed me.

What am I going to do to avoid this again? Trust my gut!


There are physical symptoms you can look for such as sleeplessness, burning sensation in your gut, anxiety, butterflies are all examples. Honestly I’m talking about something deeper. Something that speaks to the core of my being. As I attempt to write full of emotion for knowing I was right and should have trusted my instincts I’m finding it difficult to describe this sense. The intuition. The gut instinct. Some are more in tune with theirs than others. I’m reminded of a story.

Quite a few years ago I was invited on a trip to the beach. My favorite place. I prepared. I was ready. The day came I HAD to back out. One of my friends I was going with understood. She had seen my gut instinct be right before. She wished she too could back out but just couldn’t. We were invited by someone that was more her friend than mine. Honestly I didn’t care who invited I wasn’t going to risk placing my 2 kids in harms way. To be simple, anything and everything that could go wrong did. She came home days later and said I should have listened to you!

I don’t quite know how to teach you how to trust your gut instinct. I can tell you that you do have instincts. There is a little voice inside you trying to talk to you…. listen. If you are having a hard time cluing in to your gut try this: if you have to make a decision between 2 things make the logical choice first, if your gut sinks that’s the wrong decision. Try it on small things first. Build up to larger things. But NEVER ignore it as I did!


Happy Monday!

Thoughtful Thursday July 11, 2013

Some days I feel like I’ve really hit a nerve with my posts. I’m getting to people. Connecting. Making a difference. Others, MOST, I feel I’m pouring my heart out only to not have the love reciprocated. I feel like Dory in Finding Nemo. Saying “just keep swimming, just keep swimming….” She was telling all the fish to swim to the bottom of the net so ultimately Nemo would be set free. I want to be set free and I’m willing to “swim” for it.

Last week I wrote about our forefathers because it was July 4. Previous weeks I’ve written about the current books I’m reading. Unfortunately, with my visitors and a still sick young one I have not done any reading. I plan on changing that soon. Possibly tomorrow because tonight I have a sick baby in my arms with an 8:15 doctors appointment we have to drive 40 minutes to get to.

I would like to share a story:
Once you have read The Map your senses awaken. Your eyes see the world differently. I was raised with what I would consider a realistic view of the world. My dad taught me about gang tattoos ( I had to learn them in case I was ever harmed. I knew what to look for). He took me to neighborhoods where I could see drug deals. I once saw someone cook his drug of choice followed by shooting up. I knew how to shoot a pistol and shot gun. Never walked into a parking lot without mace in one hand and a key between my index and middle finger in the other hand. I looked under my car as I approached it and the backseat. Never entered my car if a van was parked next to me. I stayed 2-3 cars back at stop signs and red lights in case some tried to car jack me I could flee. When I got my first car I had to take all 4 tires off and put them all back on. He taught me so many life skills I want to teach our children. So many I didn’t list here but possibly will one day. They are important. I was told to NEVER EVER pick up a hitchhiker or give money to a beggar. (Not sure of the politically correct word) My dad was in the US Border Patrol. Life on the border I thought was tough. Watch tv, you see what happens if you help strangers. The news shows the bad. TV shows sensationalize the horror.

Shhhh…….don’t tell my dad but yesterday I gave money to a beggar for the first time.

We needed a few things from the store. Normally I go to Walmart, no Target within 30 miles. Yesterday for whatever reason I went around the corner to Big Lots. This brought me out a different exit. There was a young man, full of shame, sadness, filth and Jesus holding up a sign that said “hard times Please help “. I don’t sit at corners and ignore people standing there. I look at them. Being raised as I was I almost play a game with myself to see who really needs the money and who doesn’t. I’ve seen women fake being pregnant and men fake needing wheel chairs. Anyway…. This person was different. All of the older kids at the same time said “we have to give him something”. They know my rule. They have NEVER seen me give money nor do they ask to. They know there are places for homeless people to go to for help. I was already reaching in my wallet when they all spoke at the same time. I gave them money and they all got out to hand it to him. He didn’t want to take all of it. It was too much. It was maybe $6. They insisted he said “bless you” to them. We already decided we were getting happy hour sonic drinks. I had $25 in my wallet. Mind you this is my money to get me through the rest of the week. That’s how I budget. Have a set amount. Stick to it. The kids wanted to give him more. I informed the kids groceries were low, we wouldn’t shop until Friday. I explained our sacrifice if we gave him the rest. I said let’s get our Sonic drinks and talk about it. They didn’t budge. In fact 2 kids that wanted a snack decided not to get theirs and one put in $2 of their own money. When all was said and done we went back and gave him around $18 more. That’s huge for someone who DOES NOT do this. I let the kids give him the money. What happened next changed me forever.

As they walked back to the car I got out. Asking Jesus to speak through me as I’ve done several times before ( always in court though) I walked up as firmly and strong as I could locking eyes with him. He just said thank you over and over. I proceeded to tell him about usually going to Walmart. I pointed to the sky and I said Jesus sent us here. I don’t know why us. I was taught never to do this and have taught my kids the same. I will continue to teach them not to give to people begging on the street. I went on to tell him I didn’t know his circumstance and didn’t need to know because whatever it was the led him there I knew along the way he found what he was looking for and that was Jesus/ God. He never lost eye contact with me. He nodded his head yes. I continued to explain THE MAP. Imagine as if. Asked him what he wanted out of life. He has no idea. I asked what negative things weigh him down. He said he’s 19 and his own momma doesn’t love him, his words, when he was 4 he fell out of bunk beds suffered severe brain trauma and had to relearn everything and now cannot keep a job. I said for now on those are not negatives. His mom doesn’t love herself. Jesus loves him. He is made of love and by the grace of God he was healed and did relearn everything. I begged him to not let a negative thought come into his head. If one did to replace it immediately with the opposite. Gave him examples. I’m never going to be anything changes to I
will be anything and everything I chose. I asked him to pretend to be wearing the best clothes he could imagine and even if he had to sleep in the ditch that night to pretend it was the fanciest hotel he could imagine. Live as if. Think as if. I told him I hope we cross paths again under different circumstances. He agreed. We spent about 10 minutes together. I left him with a huge hug. He hugged me tighter than I have been hugged in a long time. He taught me more than I can even say right now. I have to process this. When we got home we looked his name up on Facebook. His last post was May 9. A cry out for help. Many cries for help were posted on his wall. He posted almost everyday until May 9. I can only assume he’s been on the streets since then. My heart breaks. I looked for drug usage signs, sores, eye dilation, etc. not that I’m any kind of expert but I saw nothing. All I saw was a 19 year old helpless, hopeless young man full of goodness and need to feel loved. May God reign down blessings on him wherever he is tonight and every night. May God bless our family so that our kids never know that pain. May they always feel their mothers love and have a safe place to call home.

I’m not quite sure what they learned yesterday. I know they prayed for him last night and tonight. I’m waiting for the coming days and weeks. Hoping to hear them speak of the experience. We will see. Time will tell. Gods plan and Gods time for all things. I know this for certain. I also know I told them ” do as I say not as I do ” They aren’t aloud to do such things until they are 41 -almost 42!!!