Hello, world!

I’m a wife and mommy of 4 wonderful, unique kids. I like to think of myself as an evolutionist. Don’t read into that. What I mean is that I like to evolve as a human. I am a CHRISTIAN. Absolute Faith gets me through every day in every way! I believe I control my own destiny. I believe we all do! I believe every decision we make, every thought we have creates our reality. I’ve honestly never read another blog. I’ve read a few posts of a blog a friend of mine writes. I’m learning as I go.

Metabolism Miracle, a book written by Diane Kress, as well as other books such as The Map by Boni Lonnsburry, Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D. and various books or quotes by Marianne Williamson have saved my soul and life.

I am crafty but don’t make enough time to craft. I love to decorate and do not do that as much as I like to either. My family, especially my kids, love to see the changes I make to our house when they come home from school. I am constantly rearranging furniture, repurposing pieces and updating. This is a passion I wish I could do more often.

Cooking and baking are also things I enjoy greatly. However, I have found on Metabolism Miracle the more I limit my food the easier it is. My family enjoys the foods as well which makes it so much easier. The occasional cake is still made. When company comes over I still make my favorite recipes. I look forward to sharing some.

I love my life. I look forward to writing this and hope what you read is in some ways inspirational
, uplifting or fun.

Much appreciation,

You can reach me at these great places!
Email: email.cyndi@yahoo.com
Cyndi Overton
Happy Days Challenge
Metabolism Miracle Living
Prophecy of Honor

Twitter: @cyndioverton

Instagram: overton6


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