To Write or eat Crawfish??

How to properly boil crawfish according to Handsome Hubby! There’s a secret ingredient – Beer!

overton publishing

I have my set deadline to finish writing my next book “Jesus Held Me ” next Thursday and then it’s off to editing.

MY problem is it is now Crawfish season and tommorow I will be boiling a sack. Now if you have never been to a crawfish boil then you probally do not understand it is a all day event.

I will leave at 8am and drive an hour to get my mudbugs direct from a fishermans boat. These are wild crawfish from the swamp basin which are darker in color and much tastier than pond raised crawfish.

I then must go shopping for spices, BEER, and other essential items for the boil.
Returning home I will set up my boiling rig in the yard while drinkin beer. I then will wash and purge the mudbugs while drinking beer.

I will proceed to bring my giant pot of water…

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