Prophecy of Honor

It seems like forever since I have written for fun, to relax, to vent, to share. You see, handsome hubby decided to start writing. Well “decided” isn’t so much the word.

I’ve been begging him to for years. That didn’t work. Our 14 year old told him a few weeks ago that he needed to write. Handsome hubby told us that he kept hearing that when he prayed. He finally started writing.

He has many book ideas in his head. Giving us a few to chose from we decided on the longest, most complex. Not purposely.

Not knowing his writing style, technique, was referred to in some circles as vomiting I was shocked with what I had to work with when my turn came. EDITING.

So that’s where I’ve been. Editing a wonderful novel, imagined by my wonderful husband and “put onto paper” ( although it’s an ebook). Can’t wait for the release date, coming soon.

I’m learning to format without the use of Word ,presently. Not an easy task! A few days ago the task was making our own cover!

What a wonderful life to live without boundaries. To show our children you can do anything you set your mind to.




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