Story of your life

Do you pick a song or a mantra with each new year? You know stuff like


The list above was taken from my sister in laws website

Or examples of mantras such as these from

I usually pick a bible verse
“Thy will be done”
“Do unto others”
“By the grace of God”
have been some of my favorites

Mantras, songs bible verses reflect where we are and where we want or need to go in out life at a given time. I wish I had kept a list of mine over the years. They would tell a story. We should each consider doing this. Tell the story of our lives through these simple yet poignant words.

Another important tradition I have with each new year is a vision board. In previous years, years of extreme struggle my visions were easy. By the grace of God our family is in a different place now. My vision board and mantra reflect this.

As said earlier, I usually pick a bible verse as my mantra. They have come to me in prayer. They have come to me through necessity to make it through a day. This year I’ve had a difficult time finding one. Locking one in. However, the song “Amazing Grace” goes through my head often.

After reading livebraver’s post I decided this was the year to pick a song. “Amazing Grace” it would be.

I encourage you to visit the live braver site share your song. They are compiling an awesome list of uplifting songs in spotify. This will be a great tool for us when we need it! Why not have your song added to the list?

By the way, what is your song?
Please share it! And why!

Thank you!

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