Metabolism Miracle: my passion

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Not really a good thing. I have a few.
1. I wear a black fleece infinity scarf I made over the Christmas break every day!
2. I watch atleast 4 episodes of “24” every night. I’m on season 5 episode 4.
3. When I had to use dry shampoo because our hot water heater broke in November I liked it way too much and wash my hair a lot less! I went from every other day to about 2x a week.

Ok— now I’ll be serious.
About a year ago I was struggling mentally and physically. I was fighting the biggest battle of my life, I had brain fog without the luxury of having it. I couldn’t lose weight when my self image counted the most, my thyroid was out of whack, and I weighed a whopping 210-215 at 5’4″.

My endo tried everything. I did what they said.

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