Essential Oils

Essential oils. The worlds oldest medicine.

There are many benefits of using essential oils in place of over-the-counter medicines and supplements. Pure and botanical — God’s medicine.

My son was sick for months over the summer. His hacking cough that made him vomit was the worst, right up there with undiagnosed ear infections. 3 doctors and 12 different prescriptions later he still was not well. I went old school on him. Vicks vapor rub. Rubbed on his chest, back and feet ( covered with socks) 3 times a day. We called it “magic”. He loved it! He was well in days.

Here is an interesting article about a few oils.

Why I’ve put off buying oils I’ll never know but I’m not anymore.

I’m educating myself. If you have any knowledge please share. If you know of a Young Living or d’oterra (spelling) please let me know! I have researched companies and know these are the best.

Thank you in advance!


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