Moment of yucky truth!

NOW 365

Reality yielded it’s ugly head this dark, gloomy, rainy morning. Aware of every tasty morsel of delicious poison I have consumed over the past few weeks I slowly stepped on our already unreliable scale. Over the years we have purchased a few scales. Always returning to our present one for unknown reasons. I think for it’s simplicity. Body fat, calories per day , etc. are not part of this. Just weight.

So today, this dreary Monday morning I slowly put one foot on the scale. Getting my balance, I added the other. The number I saw was highly possible but maybe if I moved the scale a little to the left? I slowly stepped on the scale again. 3 pounds heavier. Ohh kay, maybe if I moved it a little up. Now, that’s better but still not what I hoped for.

What did I hope for? Anything not in the…

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