NOW 365

I have neglected to post recipes and easy snack ideas. I’m sorry!! Please post yours too. This is an open forum where I hope we all learn from each other!

Here are a few of my daily favorites

Peanut butter cookies
Ingredients :




These are a neutral all 3 phases and are a life saver. Sometimes I spread more peanut butter on them and sometimes I spray them with redi-whip.

DO NOT USE COOL WHIP! They are not a neutral. However, redi-whip is.

Sugar free jello alone or with redi-whip is a lifesaver!

Slivered almonds or chopped peanuts with redi-whip are also lifesavers.

Savory snacks for me are

pepperoni placed on a plate in circles like a pizza and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese. You can add the veggies and it’s almost like pizza, ALMOST! ( there are low carb La Tortilla tortillas you can use for this as well…

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