Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year! For individuals and families around the world this season is full of traditions -old and new, full of memories of yesteryear and a time of hope!

I’ll be completely honest with you. My shopping is usually 90% completed by now and as of today, I just purchased my first 2 presents. I know I SHOULD be nervous about this but I’m not!

A few weeks ago I commented in this blog on another blog titled “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”. Not being what I would consider mentally weak nor mentally strong by the bloggers examples I still, however, read the 13 things often and keep them in mind. They kinda put things into perspective in certain situations.

Speaking of putting things into perspective…… Nothing does that quite like kids!

Living between two homes this year has slowed down the Christmas cheer around here. We were all together this past weekend at our farm house where we used to live full time. We were able to decorate, bake, hunt, eat, chat and bond as a family. This was nourishing for the soul! Handsome hubby was giddy with joy to have us all together. It made my heart smile.

As a blended family with strong traditions on both sides it has taken a while to “figure out ” ours. We’ve tried a few over the years. Some stick and some don’t. Decorating the tree together is the most important. We restarted an old tradition this year, shown at the top. In years past, I had one tree skirt with hands and feet going around the skirt by year and it only included children. This year we re-introduced the tradition and added the adult hands as well. Mine on top of handsome hubby’s. We decided we will do a new skirt each year. We are coming to an age of boyfriends and girlfriends, best friends and growth spurts. A new skirt each year will be a wonderful memory!

We will be adding a white elephant exchange to our Christmas Eve celebration. We used to buy Dollar Store gifts for one another when they were younger. Handsome hubby and I decided this year, at 15,14, 12 and 3, a white elephant will be fun for the big kids.

Another tradition we are reintroducing is adding an ornament to the family tree and their personal trees. Our oldest and youngest will be getting their first ornaments this year. The others will see ornaments they haven’t seen in years and add a few.

A few more traditions have been added and kept but as to not bore you I’ll leave them out. I’m curious to know yours. Please share!!!

As far as shopping…… I’ll finish. I just know I will!!!


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