Surprise breast lift!


Warning to men: if you don’t want to read about boobs or boob jobs don’t read this post!

Since losing 80 pounds I’ve used the same undergarments! Needless to say, they are huge. I was surprised with an impromptu “breast lift” last week! I would show my husband almost daily my bras that had gaping holes where my breasts used to be. The bras would cave in! When I would hug my 14 year old daughter that is 2 inches shorter than me my breasts hung lower, yes, wearing a bra!

During Thanksgiving break from school he took me out of town. Out of the blue he send me away BY MYSELF! to take care of my boob problem…..I’ve been saving for this day for some time ( saving my change, coupon sites, etc) I hoped I had enough! I couldn’t wait! I reached my destination early and waited outside with much anticipation! Can you tell by all of my exclamation marks? Someone finally unlocked the door. Into, you guessed it, Victoria Secret I went! I grabbed a bra the size of my bikini top last summer ( but my boobs always fell out of them) I had measured myself using their guidelines. For sure I wore a 34 C Ha! Double Ha. Try 32 DDD! Or 34 DD.

To be honest I don’t like the word boob. Breast seems to formal for this. I cannot think of another term I could use. But let’s just say the girls are lifted! They are no longer sagging and there are no gaps in my bras! Better than any boob job I could have had!

The smallest thing— yet so huge! First new bra in 2 years and 80 pounds! It was and still is so exciting!


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