Selfless marriage

In recent months marriage quality has weighed on my heart ALOT! Much more than a truly happily married person should worry. I’m not questioning my marriage. I’m finding myself worried about others. Yes, I know, it’s none of my business.

Handsome hubby and I have our spats. He gets upset with me and I with him. We are human. The most beautiful blessing no matter how upset we are with one another happens when we still sleep in the same bed and he still holds me even when we are upset with one or the other. We don’t follow the rule- don’t go to bed angry. We do what works for us. Sometimes we still wake upset and sometimes we don’t. The act of love and respect for our marriage comes first.

Handsome hubby is the king of this house. I try to treat him as such. Home cooked meals, serve him first, his clothes are always freshly pressed, our bed made and the house as tidy as possible are small examples. When he arrives home from work he is greeted with a smile. We talk about his day, then mine. Maybe a bit June Cleever but it’s us. He treats me like a princess, provides for his family, tells me I’m beautiful, respects me, asks my opinion. We are partners. God comes
first , our marriage second , then our family and everything else follows. We pray together daily. 2-3 times together and with the kids. Like I said, we argue. However, there is no yelling, no name calling, no score keeping and no retaliation if someone hurt the other.

Hearing friends are getting divorced, talking about divorce or are not in love anymore makes me sad. Apart from abuse I KNOW these couples could work things out.

Our thoughts and beliefs of marriage and family have benefited us greatly and have not come without sacrifice.

I recent days the blog titled Marriage Isn’t For You hit the ground running! Everyone is talking about it. It’s all the rage. What gets me is this blog says what EVERY married couple
should know. They should know this BEFORE their wedding day. Before I DO. The idea that some guy had to write a blog telling people that when you are married your spouse comes first gives me perspective. Not the perspective you might be thinking. If gives me perspective into the fall of the sacrament of marriage.

Society is such that we have to be selfish. Take care of you first. The knowledge this idea has bled into marriage is scary.

My family’s needs come first. Yes, I have
found myself complain. No, I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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