Divine Intervention

Today is Mommy Monday! Usually I would write a post about mommyhood. Not today. Today we are talking about realizing our dreams. Whether you are a stay at home mom or you work outside of the house you must realize that our jobs are a calling. If you don’t see your current circumstances, job, as a calling you might want to do some soul searching and reading.

Soul Searching:
What have you always wanted to do and thought you couldn’t?
What have you done before and maybe failed at, but love?
What do you feel most at home doing?

Ask yourself those questions and more. You know the answer. Most people do. Fear keeps us from following through.

The Map, by Boni Lonnsburry
The Law of Divine Compensation, by Marianne Williamson

About 4 years ago Handsome Hubby and I were newly married. There is no love like ours. He reads my mind and I read his. Its freaky scary! Handsome Hubby was miserable at his job. As an investigator with Louisiana State Police and Polygraphist he spent most of his days behind his desk. He didn’t like that at all coming from SWAT and being a major crime/ rape detective for many years. My solution was to make an “ESCAPE PLAN”. We had 2 options. Come up with another job he would be happy doing or count down the days until he could retire. While we were making this POA ( plan of action) he felt a lump forming in his neck. I took photos. Within a few hours I was rushing him to the ER. Pain was jolting down the side of his face. The pain was unbearable. Our world has never been the same.

Already a God loving, ever praying and faithful family this time in our life drew us closer to the Holy Spirit. Actually I think the Holy Spirit drew us in. The ER did not work quickly to get us in. When they did Handsome Hubby had an allergic reaction to dilaudid. It put him in cardiac failure. During this time Jesus came to hold my husband. He told him the pain was his to bear for now. During his CAT scan he saw images of us later in life, his life flashed before his eyes, in the sense of foreshadowing. He was shown a perfectly golden cross. The doctors said he had a lipoma on his neck, nothing more. They sent us home with a referral to see an ENT the next day. The ENT immediately phoned the hospital to have Handsome Hubby admitted. With heightened senses, excruciating pain and this lump we headed to the hospital.

Doctor upon doctor told us the lump was not associated with the facial pain. The ENT, an Episcopalian deacon, prayed over night. He came in with a diagnosis. Trigeminal Neuralgia. General physicians, neurologists, pain management doctors and an ENT all agreed the lipoma had nothing to do with the pain. I recorded every conversation with the doctors. Handsome hubby was placed on every pain medicine known to man. Monitoring his medicines for pain was a full time job. You could not talk or have light in the presence of my husband. After a week in the hospital we were sent home. Four months pregnant, my husband diagnosed with “the suicide disease”, not a single doctor believed the lipoma was connected, the pain was still present and the side effects of the drugs were horrific all I could do was pray. Handsome hubby hallucinated, had conversations with people not present. A certain medicine that had to be taken at night gave him energy. I got no sleep. My poor husband…….Being up taking care of the medicine schedule all day, researching his illness, and researching the best doctors took priority over rest. Around 5 am I would pass out. I would wake at 7am to find my husband outside in my maternity pants or naked chasing people that weren’t there. We finally had an appointment with a top neurologist. Lets just say it did not go well. In a last ditch effort I called the ENT. I asked what needed to be done to get the lipoma out. He explained that my husband would have to be weaned off of his pain medicine to go under. We went to see the pain medicine doctor. He talked me through what to do. A week later the lipoma was removed. The Trigeminal Neuralgia “the suicide disease” was gone too! I type this with tears in my eyes remembering the love of my life had been taken from me. What about our kids I always thought. This baby in me will never know his daddy. But by the grace of God the ENT was willing to take out the lipoma. By the grace of God we never gave up.

I left out most of the horrible stuff because I always write with the belief that our children will somehow someday read what I write.

Within a few weeks Handsome Hubby was back to work. Excited about being alive. Excited not to have Trigeminal neuralgia we never looked at our plan again. We gave thanks to God for all that we had. We never asked for more. How could we?

Life went on. We had a horrible court battle to fight in Texas just a few short months after. This crippled us for many years. It held us back. Kept us from moving forward. For every step forward we took 2 steps back. I also do not intend on writing about this as it involved my kids. It is over.
We prayed, became closer in faith. Our life is centered around absolute faith.

When you believe. When you have faith. When you are willing dreams do come true. Handsome hubby is realizing his dream of getting from behind the desk. A true leap of faith. Handsome hubby retired from the state police in July. Doing OVERTON POLYGRAPH, LLC full time has opened the doors for many more opportunities as well.

I’m even realizing a dream of mine. I’ll post more about that later.

The Map by Boni Lonnsburry was the beginning to realizing we could be, do, have our dreams.

Proof of Heaven, by Eben Alexander M.D. followed The Map

The Law of Divine Compensation, by Marianne Williamson has kept us moving forward.

This is an exciting time. God tried showing us 4 years ago we needed a change. We didn’t listen. He kept knocking until we finally did. If you have some signs of Divine Intervention please pay attention to them. God Loves You. He want you to be happy. You deserve it!


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