I haven’t posted in a while. Longer than I want to go between posts for sure. In the beginning of “my blog days of summer”…( That’s what I’ll call them) I wrote deep thought posts. Really, like therapy sessions of sorts. Then one day I realized I have no fall clothes! I went back to my roots. FASHION! Needing help I turned to reading about current trends, looking at magazines and such. Being at home all day with a 3 year old writing this blog is a small attempt to communicate with other adults. I decided to blog about Fall 2013 trends twice. The followers came in droves. The like buttons were pressed faster than trends could change! I’m joking. However, I did see more of a response from the fashion posts than most others.

Here’s a brief history: As a stay at home mommy my idea of getting dressed up lately has been wearing my wedding ring and my Pandora bracelet with shorts, tank tops and flip flops. I really felt fashionable when I had the leopard flip flops that were advertised all over Facebook this spring. They fell apart after a month. Either they were cheap or I wore them entirely too much! I’ll go with BOTH! This is a far cry from my younger days.

That’s all about to change though. How? Why?

How? Because I HAVE to buy clothes. I have none that fit me.

Why? Because it sounds good.

Reality? I’ll hit the stores ready to purchase the most fashion forward, on trend items, and talk myself out of all of them.

If I have to mess with it I won’t wear it.
Are you the type of person that gets dressed and stays dressed in the same outfit all day? Not me….. I have “going out” clothes and “house” clothes. The second I hit the door after being out I am in my room, changing. I cannot be an efficient housewife and mom and dress half way decent!

Somehow cleaning toilets, mowing the grass, making crab traps, building yet another train track, running through the bubble machine, hanging clothes on the line, and all my other daily activities don’t seem possible “dressed to the 9’s”. I’m not sure if there are many homes structured like ours. Hubby makes the money and I take care of the house. We do not hire handmen. You tube and a few calls to my dad are my handymen! Did I mention I hung walls in our camp this summer?

Where is the happy medium? Is there one for me?

Um, I don’t think so. I don’t even go to the hairdresser!

Two sets of clothes it is. Cheap house clothes and some “going out” clothes.

Not the conclusion I wanted to come to.


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