Divine Intervention

Marianne Williamson, author of The Law of Divine Compensation, A Return to Love, as well as 8 other books is one of the greatest spiritual leaders, authors and lecturers of our time.

If you have not had the pleasure of reading her books, please do! They are life changing.

This Thoughtful Thursday I wanted to get back to the roots of the blog. Writing about losing 70 plus pounds as well as the power of ABSOLUTE FAITH were my ultimate motivators for beginning my writing.

I first heard of Marianne Williamson watching Oprah in 1992 at a time in my life when I needed to the most. Rarely watching tv then, as I still do now I considered it divine intervention that I saw her show. The book being promoted was “A Return to Love”. I cherish this book.

Years have gone by. Marianne luckily continued to write. Never knowing anything about the other books until a few weeks ago I saw her name attached to a book titled “The Law of Divine Compensation”. Again Divine intervention!! We need it! Who doesn’t?

Without saying anymore, because I feel it speaks to everyone for what they need to hear, I beg you to order it, buy it— go get it now! It isn’t just about money!

Starting with a simple Facebook advertisement for THE MAP by Boni Lonnsburry, to the book I wanted to read for over a year and finally did, Proof of Heaven by Dr. Alexander and now reading Marianne Williamson’s The Law of Divine Compensation, our lives will never be the same.

Every part of every day is a miracle waiting to happen if we let it. Most of us let our ego’s get in the way of this divine intervention. I see it in those around me. They are not true to me or others and not true to their self. It is sad to see. All I can do is wrap their actions up in prayer for them, not let their actions define me and ………

The rest I’m not sure yet– gotta keep reading!

Let me know what you think!!!!


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