Fall Fashion – proceed with caution

Glamour listed falls fashion do’s and don’ts.
Surprisingly, I agree with most of them. Maybe it’s because because Glamour is more mainstream. Maybe I’ve been out of the biz for far too long because “back in the day” when I saw runway looks I could easily translate them into everyday. Right now I’m digging deep in my minds recesses of long ago, hoping to find the young creative 24 year old. I must say I feel old.

About 25 years ago I graduated with an Associates Degree in Retail/ Fashion Design. I was lucky enough to live in a place that afforded me great seamstresses at great prices as well as inexpensive material. I couldn’t wait for runway looks to hit WWD, fashion magazines and a certain show ( I cannot believe I forgot the name!) I would make sketches of what I LOVED or bring pictures to my seamstress with material. Then turn the runway look into MY look. ( I ended my education with a bachelors degree with a double major- English and Psychology and a minor in Sociology).

Where has that creativity gone? I haven’t looked at WWD, a look book, called a rep, watched a fashion show or even an Elle Magazine in years. Busy mothering — wearing the mommy uniform and my hair in a pony tail is wonderful. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But there’s a spark, a little light inside that’s getting brighter. So for now I will cheat and look to Glamour and other sources for direction. I don’t see me designing clothes anymore, unless its a PROM dress! However, I see something for me in fashion again. I will pray for Gods guidance to lead me in the right direction!

All that being said. Lets talk about some trends!!!! Can we really call animal print – leopard print to be exact- a trend? That’s a staple, go to item!
Winter white? Really? One of my favorites of all times. Definitely a staple, as well. Leather…… Enough said! Never out! Menswear prints??? I have a dream of opening men’s custom made shirt store, The Haberdashery. I think there is a store by this name now. When I thought of it 15 years ago there wasn’t…..Next is revamped military. You can never go wrong with army green slim pants and tailored jacket. Add some fun gold jewelry and chain belt. Or like the article says mix brocade and lace. This is always in style for me too!

We are left with emerald. The color of the year. This is a must have! Pick an item that is your go to for color of the year I always pick shoes, a huge necklaces ( for me, they never go out of style) or a hat. So much fun! We also have oversized eye catching outerwear. This personally is not a favorite of mine. Tending to steer clear of outerwear because of its chunkiness I think I will avoid this trend. The next 2 trends layering and peplums I would proceed with caution. Study these before attempting to wear them. For example, layers you can click here for tips. For finding the perfect peplum click here.


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