Fall Fashion Trends

Losing 70 plus pounds this past year, 72 to be exact, has had many positive effects on me. I wish one was a better self-esteem. However, that is a work in progress, improving more each day. Some days are better than others.

If you’ve ever had a weight problem or are a woman you probably can relate to what I’m about to say. I DO NOT LIKE CLOTHES SHOPPING! However, I have no clothes for fall/winter given, did I mention?, the 70 plus pounds weight loss! This will require shopping for clothes.( Yuck!) Do you know what body dysmorphia is? Well, I’m pretty sure I have it. When I look in the mirror I still see me the way I looked 70 pounds ago. However there’s a huge reality check when I put in size 4 jeans and a small shirt instead of size “I’m not telling”.

A few years ago we moved while I was pregnant with my youngest. I wasnt allowed to pick up anything. My clothes were left in cardboard boxes, in Louisiana, outside. Prada, DKNY, Armani, Versace, Calvin Klein, Betsy Johnson, to name a few, as well as lesser known boutique brands. I HAD $300 jackets. $500 belts. You get the picture. I had a wardrobe it took years for me to collect. You must know me to know I am not materialistic. I cut my own hair and dye it, don’t do mani/pedi’s, and will buy something at Wal-Mart, goodwill, or garage sales if I like it. Definitely not high maintenance and probably the cheapest person you will ever meet. The brand is not what is important to me. I had a promising career in fashion at one time. As a seller and buyer of these brands wearing them was not an option. I looked at them as an investment. I was PROMISED my clothes and accessories would not be left outside. Then handsome hubby got trigeminal neuralgia. He, by the grace of God, had a miraculous full recovery. I was diagnosed with placenta previa. My clothes sat. My mom came to help me with them after my son was born. I lost ALL of my GOOD pieces. I was so sad. I mourned their loss. I truly did. They told a story of me. There was a sentimental value placed on them as well as monetary.

My 13 year old loves fashion. She has the same sense of style that I have. I was saving the items for her.

There was another plan…..

They would have fit me perfectly now and been completely on trend. The styles of my era of long ago have returned.

So now I must shop. Being out of fashion for so long. Wearing the mommy uniform is what I do.

I’m also a first time shame on you- second time shame on me kind of girl.
For example, when my childhood dog passed when I was 13 I knew there was no way to ever love a dog like him again. I’ve tried and tried and tried. As harsh as it sounds I can’t. My heart won’t allow for the pain of another loss like that. He was my everything as a latch key kid!

At the risk of sounding shallow this was true of my collection. Although not large, what I had I treasured because I worked hard for it. I paid for every piece between the ages of 20 and 26. While other friends were going on “spring break” I was working. While they were out on Thursday nights, I was working. Worked 40-60 hours a week through college. Managed the GAP at 23- the highest grossing GAP in the country at that time. A buyer for couture at 22 and almost a district manager when I quit to open a store with my mom.

So now I buy “throw away” clothes. If it
gets ruined, I don’t care. I’ve been lucky to find great deals at “Dirt Cheap” $5 lucky brand jeans! for example.

Falls runway trends I used to know by now from market, look books, WWD etc I actually had to do a search for. This is a post from the Houston Chronicle.

On fall runways, many top designers flipped traditional trends, showcasing collections that creatively balanced femininity and masculinity, and textures and minimalism. Which is nothing but good news for local fashionphiles: Style-wise, this is a season of mash-ups and many options.

“I think what is notable this fall is just the sheer choice,” says Avril Graham, Harper’s Bazaar executive fashion and beauty editor. “The consumer is in the driving seat and can direct her own selections to her specific fashion moment. There is nothing cookie cutter about fashion choices this fall.”

So whether you’re going for a look that’s androgynous or girlie, retro glamorous or futuristic, tailored or pretty, embellished or monochromatic – with materials ranging from feathers and fur to leather and cashmere – getting dressed this fall is all about having fun. Inspired by that notion, we asked Beaumont-based model Bay Berger, who is no stranger to these pages, to help highlight several of the season’s top trends, all of which you’ll notice can be mixed-and-matched for maximum sartorial splendor. Even better? Everything you see here is available in hip Houston shops now.


The season celebrates shades of blue from navy to teal that add balance to ubiquitous black.


Animal prints are roaring back for fall and winter, especially in statement pieces.


Light-weight leather was popular this spring, and leather transitions this season in the form of motorcycle jackets, vests and shirts that are both sophisticated and tough.


Following this year’s most fashionably celebrated exhibit, “PUNK: Chaos to Couture” at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the rebellious punk spirit continues to kick up a fuss in fall.


Many top designers played with a retro moment on their runways by going dropping hemlines – long, but not too long – on skirts and dresses. Ankle boots continue the mood and are the must-have shoe of the season.


As the weather cools, expect a bit of chic gender swapping with vintage-inspired oversize coats and natty underpinnings.

What do you think?
What’s your favorite?

Blues, animal prints, leather and menswear are timeless to me? How about you? Punk? May be fun!

I post pics as I purchase!


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