My name is Cyndi and I am sensitive

It’s a Terrific Tuesday here!

Each day I think I know what I’m going to write about the following day. It always changes.

This morning I called a friend of mine, my step daughters mom. We have a great relationship. I actually called her to joke about my addiction to receipts because of a new app she introduced me to, Receipt Hog. You earn money by scanning receipts. I highly recommend it. Here’s the link to it.

During the conversation we discussed a few different things which led to me saying that I’m more of an emotional thinker and she is more logical. She said “if she wasn’t it would drive her crazy” I think she said “Maybe, you’ll get over it one day”. To which I replied, “I’ve been this way all my life and struggle with it daily.” (This conversation is all ad libbed) Truth is, I have mixed feelings about being highly emotional/ sensitive . Yes, I’m stressed constantly. Yes, I cry daily. Yes, not many people can handle being around me ( my interpretation).

Here’s a few things I’ve read about sensitive/ emotional people:
With a sensitive personality you have compassion and great empathy for others. But at the same time your spirit can’t endure as much as someone with a tough personality. Everything that everyone says has significant meaning which is a double edged sword. Being sensitive gives a greater awareness of the world around you. Intuition is high!

Psych central positively states there are 5 gifts of being highly sensitive and there are!
My goodness, this article spoke to me. I encourage you to read it as well. It’s a quick 5 minute read. It will help you understand you or maybe a loved one.

Now the disadvantages…….
1. Negative self talk
2. Perfectionism
3. Takes a while to process things
4. Overstimulated easily

After reading this article I no longer view my sensitivity as a crutch or handicap. Maybe that’s been the lesson I needed to learn, the core belief I need to change. Following The Map by Boni Lonnsburry, we are asked to look deep within ourself to see if a core belief is holding us back. It seems I have found a deep core belief that has negatively defined me. I have always believed that being sensitive was somehow wrong, weak, burdensome. Now I see the exact opposite.

I closed my conversation with my friend today by saying that I worked everyday trying not to be so sensitive. No wonder I never felt quite right, whole, complete, etc. I was denying who I am, who I was
created to be.

My new core belief which I will tweak is:
I am a sensitive soul and that is what God created me to be. I will relish in it!

What a beautiful gift to finally be ok with who I am!


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