Goals: Making dreams come true

Thoughtful Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

Today is one of my favorite days of the week to write. THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY! Being spiritual, cerebral, deep in thought and somewhat “dreaming” is a favorite place for my mind to be.


Do you dream? Do you set goals?

Do you remember when you were younger people would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up, where you saw yourself in 5, 10 or ,15 years? Our parents, our teachers and any elder in our lives would tell us we needed to set goals. Did anyone ever sit with you to help you devise a plan to achieve them? If someone did, besides a high school or college counselor, you are one of the few.

We all know we need goals. But few of us: 1) make a plan to achieve them 2) realize dreams are goals waiting to be put into action 3) realize we need goals in every aspect if our life.


We need “Life Goals” –daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, decade, etc goals. To set those we need to break them down into categories.

The categories might be:
Career – What level do you want to reach in your career, or what do you want to achieve? Can you do this where you are at now? If not, what do you need to change?
Financial – How much do you want to earn, by what stage? How is this related to your career goals? Are you on track? If not, what can you change?
Education – Is there any knowledge you want to acquire in particular? What information and skills will you need to have in order to achieve other goals?
Family – Do you want to be a parent? If so, how are you going to be a good parent? What kind of spouse do you want to be? What kind of family member ( child, sibling, aunt, uncle, etc) do you want to be? How involved? Do you want to live close by? Do you want to be active in their lives?
Artistic – Do you want to achieve any artistic goals? Can you paint? Are you crafty? Do you write? Sometimes this is a great outlet as well as great additional income.
Attitude – Is any part of your mindset holding you back? Is there any part of the way that you behave that upsets you? (If so, set a goal to improve your behavior or find a solution to the problem.)
Physical – Are there any athletic goals that you want to achieve, or do you want good health deep into old age? What steps are you going to take to achieve this? Do you eat healthy? Do you get yearly check ups?
Pleasure – How do you want to enjoy yourself? (You should ensure that some of your life is for you!)

These are just basic questions to ponder.


I suggest a goal notebook or vision board.

The most important part of the goal setting process is actually having a goal. The plan and the deadline are just as important but once you realize you do have goals. You do want more out of life. You will automatically work harder to achieve these goals. I challenge you to challenge yourself to dream. Once you start dreaming and achieving something miraculous happens. YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! You believe your dreams can come true!!! That’s pretty amazing!

Lets be honest, a goal is a dream. It’s a dream for your future. Don’t you deserve a better future? What if your family relationships aren’t as you want them? Isn’t it worth an attempt to make them better? What if you don’t spend enough time taking care of you? Aren’t you worth taking a few minutes to think about what you can do to
Improve that?

“Goals are dreams that were realized”
Cyndi Overton

I’ve attached a link to another blogger that does not share my point of view. I do not agree with his views. However, for the sake of opening dialogue I wanted to share them.
<a href="http://Q

20130822-094753.jpg“>Differences between goals and dreams

What are your views? Are dreams merely dreams? Are goals dreams that have been realized, as I believe ?

How do you achieve goals?
Do you set goals?
Do you set goals for your children?

I’m very curious and look forward to
reading your comments.

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