Wellness Wednesday

Today is Wellness Wednesday! And our 11 year olds 12th birthday! He has gone to school one time on his birthday. That was his 5th, starting kindergarten. All the other years school hadn’t started yet. He had a great day. Even at a new school, they sang “Happy Birthday” to him at lunch.
As a tradition, on your birthday you pick the type of cake you want and special dinner. He wanted homemade chocolate cake but canned icing and sprinkles on top. For dinner I made buffalo wings and homemade fries, as a surprise. They normally chose. I “forgot” to ask what he wanted. Being sweet as is he. He didn’t say anything. He was in heaven! There hasn’t been any deep frying in this house lately.

He opened his presents and thanked us no less than 20 times for a great birthday. He got a PS3 game, and Si cups from Duck Dynasty. We are blessed!


Earlier in the day I went to change the address on my drivers license. Yes, the dreaded picture. Now I’m only posting this because there is a definite difference in the 2 pics. One was 4 years ago. 1 was yesterday. To preface my hair did look cute but it was raining!

Guess which picture is which?


Metabolism Miracle not only saved my
life but has taken years off my face and body. If this is what the outside of my body looked like, imagine how the inside looked? Before, during and after shots are always motivating.

I was horrified when I compared the 2 licenses and thankful for the changes.

For information on metabolism miracle please feel free to ask any question — I’m no expert but by trying almost every other diet out there I swear by it!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Wednesday!


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