Terrific Tuesday

Terrific Tuesday!

There have been so many changes in our family lately. Transitioning our summer home we affectionately call “CAMP ASAP” into our full time home is one.

When you live somewhere a few months out of the year as a “camp” you do not look for the year round qualities of a home. Nicely decorated, family pictures, art work, or simpler item like matching towels come to mind.

This camp is my LOVE. My oasis. I’m sure I’ve mentioned Hurricane Isaac destroyed it last season. And I’m sure I mentioned my dad, one of my brothers and a family friend came as soon as the roads were reopened to rescue it. That they did. They came with a full trailer of household necessities on top of it all! Everything – even a colander. 4 beds, 2 couches and a futon, table and chairs , al kitchen supplies and bathroom necessities. You get the picture. They had 1 week to work. They SAVED it! When they left we had a shell. No walls 3 ft down, no doors and a 10 foot gaping hole that was also 10 feet deep in the yard from a tree that fell in front of the camp ( luckily not through it!).

They came back again before this summer to work on the yard. Move unnecessary items, rewire, and much more. As per my request, no work was done on the inside. Except bringing a stove for the kitchen! How blessed are we to have them? If I had to pay someone to do what they have done first I couldn’t have afforded it and second it would have cost in the upwards of $15k, at the very least. My thoughts are we shouldn’t invest any money on the inside of the camp until we raise it about 10 ft! In the meantime I have covered the 3 ft section of exposed walls and hung basic flax curtains in the door ways. Not fancy. It’s a camp!

As I said in the beginning, we’ve had many changes. Our 8th and 6th grader’s have changed schools. Factors beyond our control played into this and handsome hubby and I had to make a quick decision. For 4 years now I’ve been researching public school systems. The school system where our home is located is one of the worst in the state. They had to go to a private school. The school system where the camp is located is 7th in the state. The school they are zoned to is the top in its district had less than 400 kids for grades pre-k thru 12. Kinda a no brainer.

The kids are adjusting. Our 6th grade son very well. Our 8th grade daughter- not so much.

My conundrum? Do we put money in the camp to make it more homey just to have it destroyed again? This camp will not be raised. It’s a 40 year old trailer with an addition. Everyone that knows about hurricanes knows you don’t have time to pack a house when one is coming. You grab your important docs and pictures, secure things to the best of your ability and hunker down or head for higher ground. Given our flood level, we will head for higher ground.

But in the meantime, I must come to grips with this stay. You see, I’m the kind that cleans floors on my hands and knees. If you get dirty feet in my house I’m mortified. I can’t keep this floor clean Everything has a home. I have no cabinets here for homes. Certain towels go in specific places. Only 1 spot here, a laundry basket! My pantry is organized. Working on it! My spices alphabetized. Working on it! I have a craft closet at home! Here I have scissors! But I’m blessed beyond measure with healthy kids-all 4! A great education for them-as well as 2 places to call home, now.

Today is TERRIFIC!

By the way I love the retro lighting! Circa 1970 for sure!



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