Mommy Monday

If you happen to follow me ( which I totally appreciate!) you can probably tell that some posts are better written than others. ( At least I hope some would
be considered good!) Some literally take me a few days to write because of my method.

My method: write, play with kids, write, clean the toilet, write, maybe go to the grocery and write some more alternating until the post is complete. Then there are typos I notice after the fact and I have to update the post.

Some, are written late in the evening when nothing is stirring not even a mouse. Those are more off the cuff. Not much time is spent re-reading, adjusting content layout, etc. These are sometimes my more “deep” posts.

Mommy Monday—

When the thought of this day came to
me for the blog,ideas were flowing. It seems now I have nothing.

To be honest, it is hard to write about taking care of yourself first when you
don’t do it yourself. I feel like a hypocrite. That’s the last thing I want. Having everyday ideas of how we can take care of ourselves is one thing. Actually doing them another.

I’m not one to spend family time or family money on manicures and pedicures. I received a pedicure as a birthday present- $50. It lasted 2 days. I can’t see getting a pedicure once a week , biweekly or monthly. When I have all the disposable income in the world I can’t see me getting mani/pedis. To each his own.

My Achilles heel? Office supplies, organizational supplies. Give me unlimited funds, I will most likely buy every container, folder, different colored paper, label machine, file cabinet and folders I can get my hands on. A cricket machine? Dream!!! Laminating machine? Yes! PLEASE!

So my point is we are all different. What works for you to make you feel good and whole might not work for someone else. What is important is we figure out what we enjoy that we can do everyday.

Here’s my list:
1. Write either the blog or on my book
2. Organize a section of the house. It might be 1 drawer but its something.
3. Take a bath BY MYSELF, if possible. They are usually taken with my 3 year old in the back living it up and honestly me too. These days are short lived!
4. My bed has to be made as soon as handsome hubby and I are up.
5. Spend as much alone time as possible with each child and handsome hubby. Sometimes, it’s 5 minutes! But I do make an effort and they know it.
6. Last but not least, I need to read something uplifting, motivating, enriching, thoughtful.


What’s yours? What do you NEED every day??



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