Live a life you LOVE

Do you remember The Secret? For some it was the beginning of an awesome realization that our thoughts control our reality. For others, it was reinforcement of what they already knew.

I remember being told “Cyndi, you bring about what you think about.” I was young. A flower child, earthy, mother of a friend of mine told me those poignant words at a young age. Honestly,too young to “get it”. Although I remembered them I never truly believed them until I watched the video of “The Secret”. If you haven’t seen the video, I encourage you to do so.

If and when you read “The Map” you will read about how we are constantly creating our reality whether it is consciously or unconsciously. During this process there is what I’ll call “lag time”, the time it takes between the time you create your dream and when it becomes reality. Sometimes the “lag time is weeks or months. Sometimes you see results immediately. Not matter what the “lag time” is, every thought effects your realities creation. For example, let’s say you want a better job. You tell everyone your dream of a better job but every day you drive to and from work thinking you are stuck in your current job, you’ll never be happy at your job or similar negative thoughts. You do nothing to create a better reality. You only complain. On a good day you might not complain but you certainly do nothing to fulfill your dream. Guess what? Your dream…. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

An alternative approach would be to talk about your dream as if you have it. You have achieved it. You go to the same ole job but you have a plan. You do your job with enthusiasm, always to the best of your ability. When off work you don’t think about the negative aspects of your current job but think of the positive aspects of your dream coming true.

There are several techniques that can be used to help you. This may or may not be easy. Certain dreams are. Certain ones—— not so much.

The first technique I ever used was a vision board. I use one to this day. I place it in an area that my whole family can see it- the bathroom! Why? Even though they are my “visions” I know if they see them I have a much larger chance of them becoming reality. Last year, almost all of my visions became reality. The only one that did not was winning the lottery. I have to take ownership of that one. I never buy lottery tickets!

This year, almost immediately after creating my board my visions became reality. Some are small. Others are grand. Nothing is concrete. Only a vision an idea. I have my board divided up by personal, family, home and long term. Weigh 135– yep. Have date night once a week—No, but we make an effort to have it. Be the best mom and wife I can- always do my best at my job. These are examples. Others are personal to our home. A picture of a living room and kitchen that I like, a pretty garden. You get the idea. I invite you to make one. Each new year the kids and I create ours. We go over our previous years board. It’s a ritual. It’s fun and we watch our dreams become reality.

Be patient. Be positive.

The Map doesn’t ask you to deny your feelings. Feel them. Get them out. Don’t let them define you. We are responsible for our reality. We are the only ones that can change it. I beg you to look here and pick at least one technique to start using. With elegance and grace, positive thinking and these techniques your dreams will come true!



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