Wellness Wednesday- Back to School

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Friday is the day! I have never and will never look forward to Back to School day but Friday will be a milestone. My goal for this summer was to maintain my measurements and my weight. Although I have not measured I feel a possible loss?? My clothes fit looser. The scale is 5-10 pounds from my goal. So after I drop my babies off for their first day of school I will measure. If I haven’t gained any inches I achieved my goal for the summer!

Something about being at the camp and on the boat makes it difficult not to cheat. Cheat isn’t the appropriate word. Not too sure what is. Eating more carbs than I should? That definitely happened a few times a week. But a majority of the week I ate the appropriate amount and found when I ate too many I didn’t feel so well. Being the emotional eating that I am, happy or sad, I still ate. The great news? I cannot eat anywhere near the amount of carbs I did before Metabolism Miracle.

I hope and pray that someone needing these words finds them today. If you suffer from thyroid issues, metabolic issues, and insulin problems this diet is your answer.

If you tire easily, are mildly depressed, feel an energy slump in the late afternoon, frequently feel anxious, crave carbs, have midsection fat, gain weight easily without the ability to lose, have racing thoughts, have a low sex drive, find it difficult to focus, have a short fuse or a series of other symptoms well worth you researching this diet is what you need. Not necessary a diet. It’s a system “reboot”.

On several occasions this summer I was quick to gain and just as quick to lose. A first for me! What a great feeling!

Here is a quick look at the plan. In previous post I’ve detailed the steps without going into allowed foods. See July 10, 2013. Pictured below is a list of allowed, not allowed and neutral foods


Don’t let the no-no foods scare you away. We are only taking about 8 weeks. To be perfectly honest you won’t crave them or anything after your first week. The only hiccup is when you are in a situation where you cannot control your food choices and you must eat. I highly recommend always carrying nuts to deter eating not allowed carbs. You need to do this because you MUST eat every 5 hours to avoid insulin secreting into your pancreas. Also, you can have 5 net carbs every 5 hours. To get the full scope of the plan you NEED the book. I will continue to give tidbits of advice and anyone that asks a question or posts a comment I will certainly answer.

The plan is simple, fun and the recipe choices are endless. I’ve been fortunate to help quite a few people begin their journey. My latest lost 8 pounds in a week!!!

Again, I pray this reaches someone that’s needs help. Someone that has struggled, tried every diet imaginable and is ready to give up. Please don’t!!! Try this. YOU WILL FIND SUCCESS!


The picture above is an old before and after. I need to update. Many more inches have been lost since!


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