Terrific Tuesday– Back to School Prep


School uniforms, supplies, lunch boxes, backpack, tennis shoes, socks, t shirts are all bought. I’m sure i didn’t list something. But we are all in the same boat pretty much so you know what I’m talking about.

This year is our 14 year old will be in 9th grade. That will be a huge transition to high school for her. The next 2, ages 13 and 11, are also switching schools. We are going to be living at our summer home full time. Lots of change! Tomorrow is Open House at our new school. I don’t know many people. I’ve decided to do what I did when the kids were younger. I’m going to print “calling cards”. I’ll have my name, Sophie, LA and WL’s mom below it, then my phone number. I’ll give these to moms in the kids classes, for example.

The next item on my back to school prep agenda is an updated EARN TV/PHONE TIME chart. The summer version was such a huge help I thought I would make a school version. Getting up in time, eating breakfast, doing homework when we get home from school ( leaving room for errands after school), playing outside, going to bed on time will all be on the chart. Basically things they already do. The difference is they are earning their phone and tv. The phone is important to Sophie. TV and phone are important for LA. They don’t get an allowance. Maybe one day they will. When they do get an allowance I will not ask them to pay for their phone or tv. They will save it to buy something special (Sophie) or blow it (LA). This helps teach them responsibility and appreciation. Many friends and family members have incorporated their own version of this plan in their house. It works as well as you make it. For me, because the consequences are clear it helped me stop taking things personal. If, for example, our oldest, wasn’t up on time the chart clearly showed the consequence. It wasn’t personal for me anymore as it once has been. For the other kids it works because they thrive on structure. It basically is a schedule for them to follow. Either way. WIN WIN!


I must say I write as open and honest of a blog as possible. There are days that I have to write and rewrite my post just to have one to publish. I want to be Miss Positive! I want to write wonderful words —not negativity. The past few days I’ve been overcome with negativity. I searched and searched for something positive to write about yesterday. It was there all along but the negative in me wouldn’t let it out. Why tell y’all this? Because I’m human. You’re human. You might fight the same struggle. If you don’t, hallelujah! Please tell me the secret.


Last night, I fell asleep with tears in my eyes praying to Jesus to help me overcome my insecurities, frustrations, and negativity. My faith is strong. I’ve NEVER asked for a sign before in any prayer. My husband will tell you that he’s never seen anyone with absolute faith like me. He’s had the blessing of being held by Jesus a few years ago. He’s felt the love of our Heavenly Father. But we’ve had many horrible, horrific obstacles to overcome that others would have possibly lost their faith or maybe their faith would have wavered. He would always compliment me by saying I was the one that never asked for anything. Never questioned Gods plan. Never was angry with God or asked him why. Well, last night I was so down I asked for a sign. I needed a sign. A visible sign. Something tangible. I fell asleep praising Jesus and thanking him and begging for help. My phone is silent. My iPad dings when I receive emails. This morning I heard it ding a few times. I always do. I get standard emails everyday. Everyone does. When I finally got around to opening my emails this is what I found.

Dear Cyndi,

It is such a joy to be able to speak to you like this. I do try to speak to you every single day of your life—though a baby’s smile, the beauty of a sunset, a neighbor’s kind word—but this email is pure, straightforward and elegant.

And since I have such a clear channel with which to communicate, there is something I’ve wanted you to know for a very long time.

You see, Cyndi, I notice you have a tendency to take things personally. Whether you receive an outright rejection, or the message is delivered in more subtle ways—I see you being disappointed and hurt over what happens around you.

I know, of course, that when you set your heart on something and it doesn’t happen the way you wish it would, the inclination is to feel you could have “created it better.”

But what if, dearest Cyndi, you DID create it better? What if, the “hurt” was part of the path you planned, in order to get really, really good at creating your world?

What if you wanted to be able to hold the energy of success so strongly, that you invited people to challenge your strength?

And what if you volunteered your services this lifetime, to show those you around you how to create a triumphant and joyous existence, despite disappointments along the way?

Or, what if the “disappointment” is actually a blessing in disguise?

The point is, dear one, you have no clue why various things happen along the path of creation, and you have no need to know. You need know only one thing: how you want to feel in your life—and to feel that way no matter what happens around you.

Wishing you success, love and happiness, and sending you tons of love to help you create it,

Your Soul

P.S. From now on, when you feel disappointed, give the disappointment to me. It cannot hurt me. And ask me to help you send a clear energetic message for what you DO want. I will be there. I always am.


I don’t think it gets any better than that!


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