Mommy Monday- Back to School


Happy Monday!

It’s back to school time and we are hustling to get ready. I recall doing this last year and hoping to never have to do it again. I recall a trip to Wal-Mart in June. My 11 year old son asked why we hadn’t bought our school supplies yet. That’s just how we are. Usually at the end of one year I immediately prepare for the next. This year and last, circumstances beyond my control have kept me from our early preparation. I certainly don’t like it!

Last week, I also registered our 3 year old for preschool. Handsome hubby was insistent that this needed to happen. Although I am a stay at home mom I have various other duties I take care of daily. Handsome hubby was home a few days with me while I did my daily work. He said it was too much. Something must be done. I prayed that preschool would not happen. But knowing my husband I knew he would not listen to any argument I had. So I just prayed for the best daycare and for God to show us both the right thing for WL. . I knew my prayers would be answered.

Now I can only imagine what y’all might be thinking. If I didn’t agree why not talk to him about it? We had on previous occasions. Why agree if I didn’t want WL going to preschool? My only response is ABSOLUTE FAITH.

When I was pregnant with my first I didn’t want to work after her birth. My belief is a mothers place is in the home, if at all possible. I prayed every night for Jesus to make it possible for me to stay with my precious baby. I knew he wanted me with her. I had absolute faith. After my maternity leave was up my ex husband received a raise that made it financially possible for me to stay with her. Absolute faith has gotten me through many situations since then and will continue through out my life.

Handsome hubby kept asking me how I was going to be able to leave WL at preschool or cut the umbilical cord? He asked how I felt. Was I scared? I always responded positively. With each question I KNEW we were one step closer to WL not going. Finally Saturday afternoon after leaving the ER ( WL had a fever of 104.8) handsome hubby said he didn’t want WL going to school. I responded with “I know” and thanked the good Lord above again for answering my prayer.

How is your back to school prep going?


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