Wellness Wednesday

If you read Tueadays post. I did add to it. If you want to check it out!

Wellness Wednesday!!

We are blessed! By we I mean all of us! I’m typing. You’re reading. We can function. Years ago when my grandmother first was diagnosed with dementia then Alzheimer’s I studied. Wanting to fix her drove me to knowing every medicine available, every medicine being researched. I studied dietary needs, vitamin supplements and such. Becoming almost OCD about it. (My close friends will concur how easily such a thing could occur). I soon learned a few things. —- I had no control over the situation — My father and his siblings were in charge — The damage was done.

Rather than drive myself crazy I stepped back from “fixing” her and tried to make sure the same doesn’t happen to us!

How do you do this? Honestly? You don’t. There is no scientific evidence that you can prevent Alzheimer’s. Many studies have been conducted. Look at medical journals, health magazines as well as mains stream magazines an you will find headlines reading “Prevent Alzheimer’s”. These articles are false. They are merely speculating. The closest prevention to Alzheimer’s has been to prevent heart disease. Meaning the best way to not develop Alzheimer’s is to not develop heart disease, according to Mayo Clinic that is.

Other publications spout out “8 Ways To Prevent Alzheimer’s”. Click here to read one article

At alz.org there’s a realistic approach to the prevention of Alzheimer’s. Stay physically active, make better food choices, use your brain with different activities and be social.

We should do these things any way.

Does the risk of dementia or
Alzheimer’s worry you?

Have you or a loved one been effected by dementia or Alzheimer’s?


I’m curious how y’all feel. This disease is taking over our country.


Where most disease mortality rates are
dropping Alzheimer’s is increasing tremendously.

Seriously I want to know. What are your thoughts on this? I know this isn’t a glam subject like a shopping spree or a trip to a fab place. This is going to be our reality if we don’t figure something out. We will all be lined up in nursing homes next to one another and not even know it. Scary thoughts for me, at least.

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