Mommy Monday – I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 42….


Today, well yesterday, (I’m writing this a day late.) is my birthday. 42. Forty-two. Four. T. Two. I’m not one to care about age. In fact, I consider myself rare in that I normally say I’m older than I am, often as a joke because I can’t lie to save my life. Ive always wondered why a older woman would say she was younger. This concept has perplexed me for years. Why would you say you are younger than you obviously look. Now, on the other hand, if I told you I was 47 you would, hopefully, say “there’s no way!” “Wow!” “You look awesome!” Or, if I told you I was 37 the responses wouldn’t be so positive. But as usual I stray from the point of my post and this time before I even get 1 paragraph in. I’ll blame it on age!

I thought some tips on how to look and feel younger might be fun for Mommy Monday. What mommy doesn’t want to look better and feel better. I began my research. Botox? Fillers? Lasers? Chemical peels? Professional make up artists? Stay out of the sun? Retinoids? No. No. No. No. No. No. And. No. This was not what I had in mind.

Next search…… Stay out of the sun, nope! Retinoids, nope! Home face scrubs, do that already. Still not what I was looking for.

Search after search came up with more of the same.

So I decided to come up with my own list. No I don’t think I look young. But I do want to slow the aging process down as much as possible.

1. Exercise- With a healthy routine every day, you can not only lose weight, you can feel healthier too. There are many benefits that doctors will tell you about why exercising on a daily basis is healthy for you.

2. Balanced diet- This is a simple way to look younger naturally. When you have a balanced diet, you will have more energy and be a more active person.

3. Take care of your skin- Through natural moisturizers and serums we can diminish fine lines and wrinkles. There are many cases showing how natural moisturizers and serums have helped shave off a good 10-15 years.

4. Sleep- A full nights rest is the best you can do for your body. When you get a full nights rest, your body is rejuvenated and you are more capable of taking better care of yourself. Although, as we get older, the less sleep our body will need but not just yet.

5. Lots of fluids- Drinking a lot of water daily is the another great way to looking younger in a natural way. Water is used to flush away toxins that clutter up our system. The toxins are transformed into harmful poisons that can make us sick if our immune system is weak also hindering the cells that fight aging.

6.Get a haircut- You will be surprised how much younger you can look by getting a simple thing as a haircut.

7. Vitamins- With many vitamins like Vitamins A-E and different fish oil vitamins, your body can repair itself of all the harm that has been done to it. When you take vitamins, you will automatically see and feel the benefits.

I know I can do better. Possibly one day I will. But for now this is my list. My “7 ways to look younger naturally” list.


Did I mention that our second child, our daughter Sophie, made me a sun birthday cake. Lemon cake, 3 tiers, with lemon frosting, gold sprinkles and almonds as the sunburst. She calls me Sunny. It was a surprise. As I was sleeping the night before my birthday I thought I smelled something yummy baking but brushed the thought away as a dream. We only have one round cake pan at the camp. This means she baked each layer individually, cooled them, and decorated while I slept. She did this until 3 am. She is 13! That is sweet love! I’m so appreciative. So blessed.


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