Wellness Wednesday- 7 Dimensions of Wellness


Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

As I pondered what to write about today tons of ideas flowed through my head. Essential oils to help stop coughs, for example. The positive effects of drinking more water. Great diet recipes I’ve made up along the way. How I’ve melted 3 pounds off in 2 days. But something came to mind, something deeper. A place I have a hard time keeping my brain from going, D
This is WELLNESS WEDNESDAY, why not focus on what it mean to be well? Really well. I don’t mean, you haven’t gone to the doctor in 6 months or a year well or I don’t take prescription pills everyday well or even, my medicine makes me feel better well. I mean WELLNESS.

What is wellness?

According to the great authority on definitions, Merriam-Wevster, wellness is defined as ” the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal. Again, I choose to take this D

To me, wellness is more than being in good health, or making it an actively sought goal. Wellness consumes your whole being.

In the pie chart above you see 7 EQUALLY distributed sections, also known as dimensions. There is social, occupational, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and environmental. These are all interrelated. If one is not “well” another will not be “well” either.

To be socially well you are able to perform social roles effectively and comfortably, as well as create a support network. Are you socially well? If not, maybe you can work on spending more time with friends. Maybe you aren’t socially well because you lack friends or close family members. In that case, I would suggest getting involved in activities that promote social interaction. Even eating in the lunch room at work if you normally eat at your desk. Join a mommy and me group or go to the park. Do something, anything to increase your socialization. If doing these things makes you uncomfortable try to look for reasons that might be. In fact, look at the others dimensions in the pie chart.

Occupational wellness is probably one of the most difficult to achieve. More times than not we get locked into a job that we don’t want or like. 74% of employed people say they would change jobs or professions if they could. Even in this economy, 2 million people quit their jobs every month. Why? They don’t like their boss, lack of empowerment, internal politics and lack of recognition see Forbes.com How can we improve our occupational wellness? Make a quality decision before accepting a position. Decide what kind of company you want to work for. Look at their mission statement. Does it reflect your needs? Ask pertinent questions to your needs during the interview process. People forget they can do that. Always stay out of office gossip. Recognize your subordinates as well as your leaders. If you find you’ve made a bad career choice take steps to make a right choice then do what ever is necessary to make the new career happen.

Physical wellness entails much more than physical. A healthy body consists of good nutrition too. Eating as “clean” as you can, eliminating chemicals in prepackaged foods, eliminating fast foods, drinking more water, drinking green tea, eating nuts as snacks, taking a great multivitamin, adding leafy greens, eliminating sugar, and adding strength and cardio workouts are all simple things we can do daily to improve our physical wellness no matter what we are struggling with be it weight, cholesterol, insulin resistance, diabetes, metabolic resistance, thyroid issues, as well as many others.

Intellectual wellness is not over when you graduate from college. We must maintain our thought processes, develop higher level thinking through our life, grow, change, adapt and expand our knowledge. Being open minded is the best way to achieve intellectual wellness. Sometimes while reading articles or listening to the news I just want to stop. My thoughts are not very nice. My grandfather, a high ranking Marine, taught me an important lesson early in life. He said to never stop learning and never discriminate where I learn from. I didn’t quite understand then but I do now. When he left the service he was a golf pro of all things and never missed a semester of school. Never working towards a degree. He took classes to seek knowledge, to understand, he embraced computers in fact he taught me a thing or two when I was quite young and they were new to us. The not discriminating part I didn’t understand until much later. He meant, get info anywhere and everywhere you can. Don’t judge the information or the person giving it to you. You can learn a lot this way! Sadly he died of cancer. He never took a pain pill, and never stopped learning. The cancer consumed his body finally attacking his brain.

Emotional wellness is described as understanding your feelings and coping effectively with stress. I need help with this one, quite honestly. Considering it has taken me since 7:45 a.m.( it is now 2:40) to type this much. I have made 7 different meals, given 1 child 2 baths, as well as cleaned, parented and all the other daily stuff, feel 3 fever blisters popping out, my back is so tight I can’t move my neck, learned that my grandmother ( my last grandparent alive) who has been suffering from alzhiemers for many years is not doing very well at all and I doubt I’ll get to see her anytime soon, plus I have dinner to now cook I don’t think I can think of any ideas at this moment to help with emotional wellness. I’m stressed!

Spiritual wellness helps us seek meaning and a higher purpose. Daily prayer or sometimes every 1/2 hour prayer helps. Finding your spiritual self is key. Be quiet, spend time alone, listen. ( if you are like me this is not easy to do and rarely happens) If you don’t have a base religion, or even if you do explore new ones. Be curious. Practice acceptance. This is such a touchy subject I will stop there. Just push yourself. Push yourself deeper into the spiritual world. There’s peace there.

Environmental wellness is respecting the delicate balance between the environment and ourselves. Do you take care of the environment ? Reduce? Reuse? Recycle? Carpool? That sort of thing. What is your environmental impact?

When all 7 of these key dimensions are as equal as you can make them, then and only then are you fully well. I must say, doing this post today has been eye opening for me. I hope it will be for those of you that read it. I’ve found out certainly what I already knew but never took the time to put it all together as a whole entity. I guess I was avoiding the obvious. We can’t be fully well if we don’t take care of our whole self.

All of my information is from this site

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