Terrific Tuesday July 16, 2013

It’s a Terrific Tuesday at the Overton House!

Tempted to write a poor pitiful me post—– I resist. Deciding ultimately


I want to write about the wonderful celebration we had for our 3 year olds birthday last Saturday! But I’m waiting on the pictures from my dear friend. She took over 400 that day alone. Yes 400!! I can’t wait!! So that post HAS to wait for the pics, no two ways about it.

I had to practice what I preach today by making a list of things to be grateful for or happy about. Boy did I have many. I also validated what I’m sad about by making another list. I’ve kinda come in and out of a depressed state since the whole twitter thing. I wear my heart on my shoulder? Sleeve? Whichever, it’s right there…… Doing research on how to best handle teenagers because this is our oldest…..We have 3 more to go! Seemingly we are handling everything correctly and this is normal behavior ( which we knew). Next item on my sad list was my baby sister, who is 25 and I’m so proud of has moved to Nashville. It’s just bittersweet. This actually made it to both lists. I’ve gained 6 pounds. Enough said about that. And that’s quite enough complaining on my part.

Then I look at friends and family who have friends and family suffering, dying, and caring for spouses that have suffered major illnesses. I feel ashamed of myself. Im so excited to see friends prospering by being highlighted in fabulous blogs and magazines about their party products being used by celebrity parties, sending products to Anthropolgy for review to possibly carry in their stores, doing makeup for magazine covers, my daughter going to California for a week with a whirlwind of activities planned. I have a house full of HEALTHY kids to care for, cook for, help study, quiz, play games with, teach, stand in front of the TV and sing Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline with before the All Star game tonight. My friend, that took all the pic, just left her older son here deciding he was better off. We read daily. He is quizzed on his books as well as he has to follow the house rules of earning tv and phone time. I love it! My sister is settled, already, in her new house in Nashville. The wonderful site of my handsome husband every morning. I’ve lost 2 pounds of the 6 I gained. So many good things.

So yes after a day of ups and downs and a spontaneous cry while driving I finally realized at 10 pm it was in fact a Terrific Tuesday!

I had to add this because I have a friend I lean on almost every night. I’m very grateful for her!!!



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