Mommy Monday- July 15, 2013


I’ve been duped, had. The wool pulled over my eyes. Why? I let it. I wanted to, I chose to trust one of our teens that honestly has proven they cannot be trusted. Total disrespect!!!!!! I could easily not write about this. I could easily write about my original thoughts for today’s post which was preparing a weeks worth of meals in advance. But there’s a lesson here.


Trust your gut. I want Mommy Monday to focus on mommy’s taking care of their self. In a sense trusting your gut is. To trust your gut is to listen to an accumulation of data collected by you and your ancestors for centuries. The information on this is incredible. Anyways……We don’t always like what our gut has to say. My gut kept telling me not to trust. But I WANTED to. I REALLY wanted to. Almost like a wife choosing not to see a husbands indiscretions I turned my head.

Lesson learned.

Long story short. We’ve had problems with poor picture choices on Instagram, fighting on Instagram with other kids and various other normal teenage issues. I’ve asked this particular child about twitter. When the answer was evasive I should have trusted my gut but I didn’t. Yesterday a series of things happened that led to me getting on twitter. I have an account with no activity. This particular teen is going to California in a few days for about a week. I get emails about trending things on twitter that I always ignore but there was something she might have been interested in. At the same time, we have a friends child staying with us that told me about something else I needed to look at. So naively I get on twitter. I think let me check the kids names. Type in one. She has an account but no posts. Type in the other and I’m dumbfounded. What I saw isn’t as bad as what I might make it seem. Yes, it’s probably normal teenage stuff. That’s not the point. What was on there saddened, angered and embarrassed me.

What am I going to do to avoid this again? Trust my gut!


There are physical symptoms you can look for such as sleeplessness, burning sensation in your gut, anxiety, butterflies are all examples. Honestly I’m talking about something deeper. Something that speaks to the core of my being. As I attempt to write full of emotion for knowing I was right and should have trusted my instincts I’m finding it difficult to describe this sense. The intuition. The gut instinct. Some are more in tune with theirs than others. I’m reminded of a story.

Quite a few years ago I was invited on a trip to the beach. My favorite place. I prepared. I was ready. The day came I HAD to back out. One of my friends I was going with understood. She had seen my gut instinct be right before. She wished she too could back out but just couldn’t. We were invited by someone that was more her friend than mine. Honestly I didn’t care who invited I wasn’t going to risk placing my 2 kids in harms way. To be simple, anything and everything that could go wrong did. She came home days later and said I should have listened to you!

I don’t quite know how to teach you how to trust your gut instinct. I can tell you that you do have instincts. There is a little voice inside you trying to talk to you…. listen. If you are having a hard time cluing in to your gut try this: if you have to make a decision between 2 things make the logical choice first, if your gut sinks that’s the wrong decision. Try it on small things first. Build up to larger things. But NEVER ignore it as I did!


Happy Monday!


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