Mommy Monday


Happy Monday!!!!

Handsome hubby went to work early, very early this morning. I’m sleeping in another room with our 2 year old as a test. He still had been coughing to the point of throwing up at night. We keep our bedroom room extremely cold. Truth be told, we have an air conditioner just for our room. WL, the 2 year old has only coughed twice sleeping in a “normal” temp tonight. I hope the medicine as well as a proper sleeping environment for him continues to work! He’s asleep in my arms now! They grow up too quickly. I posted pictures if the 4 youngin’s, as my dad would call them, yesterday on Instagram and Facebook. All I can say is time flies!

When handsome hubby left i glanced at my phone. Having a few notifications I decided to look at them quickly then go back to sleep. Didn’t happen. What I saw saddened me. Someone, an extended family member, through marriage, had been defriended by a sibling on Facebook yesterday evening. The defriended sibling wrote a long post about this. There is a history of alcoholism, etc with their mom. She’s hit a bump in the road. I have no clue of their family dynamics, won’t claim to or try to assume to. This is what I do know. I have defriended my own sibling. This was not a proud moment for me. I did so out of my own personal pain, dealing with very deep personal family problems. I knew I didn’t want to see posts by this person because it would only deepen my pain. One thing I did not do is tell everyone on Facebook and neither did my sibling. I understand that sometimes taking care of yourself is cleaning out the negative in your life. I encourage that. One day soon I plan to write a step by step post on how to do so and why. But my heart ached for the other sibling this morning. I’m not sure who it was. I plan to steer clear of the one posting-posts as to not know. Some things are just not meant for Facebook.



Please know I’m not judging a very well educated persons decision on how to handle their family issues. As I’ve mentioned before and in this post, I’ve made decisions I’m not proud of. At the time defriending my sibling seemed to be my only way out, my only defense mechanism. Now I know it wasn’t. So this morning, on Mommy Monday, with all 4 of my kids finally under one roof, my dad and step mother here and handsome hubby already makin’ the bacon I lay here with my baby in my arms and thank GOD, pray to GOD and open myself up to receive his word. ( by the way, his word will hit you when you least expect it when you open yourself to receive. Keep reading). Thank God for all of life’s precious gifts. My family, my friends, food on the table, a car to drive, clothes on my back. Pray to God to show me the way. Pray for his continue guidance. I can feel him ever so gently nudge me sometimes. Sometimes it’s a swift kick in the gut. What? Yes! My only way to describe it.


At our camp, we lost out washing machine to hurricane Isaac last year. We haven’t replaced it. I had to wash a few things Saturday. My step mom, oldest and youngest were with me. I’ve been praying. Praying hard for guidance in a particular area of our lives. Mainly getting our kids to be able to live in an area where they can go to a good public school. There are several reasons for this. Explaining the situation to my step mom on the way to the laundry mat I went through a few cons of leaving our home in the country. A little known fact about me is that I’m a prepper. Yes. The USA’s situation scares me, I prep. In the country I can prep and NO ONE knows. If we leave I don’t have the capability to do that any longer nor do I have a place for my family and extended family when the poo-poo hits the fan. In fact, describing this to my step mom I remembered what happened after ISAAC last year and referred to them ( people living around our camp) as scavengers. We wait at the laundry for the clothes. A darling family comes in. Husband, wife and 4 kids. The dad explains to the oldest who is about 9-10 to please handout the blessings to the adults. I got one, my stepmom and oldest child. My stepmom tried to give a donation. They said “oh no, thank you”. My daughter opened hers- the bundle was enough quarters for a load of laundry. Attached to the bundle was a card ” we love you loads! Love your neighbors at ADC” it went to to quote Luke “seek the kingdom of God above all else and He will give you everything you need”

I could hear the messengers from the Lord talking to the worker at the laundromat. Spreading the word. I stood there aimlessly folding my laundry, halfway in tears, swelling in my chest, goosebumps. I kept folding. My step mom said “you’ve been looking for a sign. I think you got one”. I thought “you think?!” I said “let’s go, if I see them I will cry.” We got in the car. I sat there. The baby said ” mom, go”. I couldn’t. I waited. A few seconds later they came out. A hopped out, testified my husbands near death experience as well as mine. Our journey to The Lord. Told them quickly of the books we’ve been reading, etc. mostly I needed them to know they were my sign. They were brought there for me. Marshall, the dad, said he knew. He prayed before leaving their house for someone to be there that was willing to hear and accept the gift for what it truly meant. Not just quarters to wash clothes. He said when we left he wasn’t sure if we were them. When I got out of the car and immediately testified. He knew. God answers our prayers. We never know how. Sometimes not how we expect. Actually most of the time not the way we expect but they are answered. Needles to say I came home shook up. Handsome hubby immediately asked what I needed to tell him. I have to be concise with him. I summed it up in about 5 sentences. He got the point though. So I lay here thanking God for those occasions and pray for more of them!

To sum up Mommy Monday:
Take care of social network self but please don’t share that with everyone too!
Look for signs that you are on the right path. They are there. Sometimes they kick you in the gut to get your attention.
There’s probably more but it’s 4:42 a.m and I’m tired!

I hope you got more out of my rambling than those 2 things!!!!

Happy Monday!

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