Thoughtful Thursday

As I sit here I think of what to write about. I’m stumped only because what I want to write and what I should write are very different. You see, I’m learning or have learned that people treat you the way you expect them to. I can’t say I whole heatedly believe that but I have to. To counter that, what I’ve learned is to change that belief.

As I’ve mentioned several times on this journey of living The Map, it is difficult. You become aware that you are, there is no maybe to it, you are the reason your life is as it is. If you don’t like it change your beliefs. Change you. Don’t try to change the world around you. Change yourself and the world around you will change.

Ok, so my dilemma. There is someone I worked hard to get close to. I believed we were close. Suddenly I was cut off. Upon further thought, I realized my core
belief was she would ultimately hurt me. So I ask did i create this? Did my belief she would hurt me actually manifest itself into her cutting me off? If so, WOW!

Ok so my POA (plan of action). Reevaluate my beliefs. Look at people that hurt me, ask myself what it is that hurts me. I’m sure there is a belief I have in there. Change it. Write my new belief down and read it 3 times a day.

You see I do not have many friends. I thought I chose this as a protection mechanism…..belief…… The true belief is that people hurt me. I need to change that to something positive……All people I have contact with love me and want only good to happen in my life, for example.

The Map has influenced my life in so many ways. It’s impressive to watch the positive in action and just as impressive when you realize the power of a small simple belief. I will keep you updated as to how our relationship changes with the belief.

Again, if you haven’t read the book I encourage you to get it. NOW!


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