Mommy Monday


“I can only please one person per day. Today I chose me”. This might sound silly, far fetched, unreasonable and down right unlikely. The truth,if you chose to think about it, is that you are the only person you can please. We are also the only people that we should expect to please us. In other words, I need to please myself, you need to please yourself. We should not look to each other to do the pleasing. Where we fall short in relationships is waiting for someone to please. Lets change the word from please to happy. We expect others to make us happy, to please us.

Well today I ask you to just worry about making yourself happy. Please yourself. What would make you happy? Make a list. Do it…. Yes, do it now!

My Happy List

Now how can you make each of these
items in the list happen. Notice happy and happen sound alot alike! It’s because when YOU make things HAPPEN, YOU become HAPPY!

Take a second look at your list, prioritize it. I prioritize by the easiest for me to do. I feel more accomplished this way. I know that’s cheating! But if it pleases me so what! After prioritizing I come up with a POA (plan of action). Sometimes I can only accomplish a
few items and sometimes I can complete my list. For example, every time I make a list the first item is a mani/pedi. I have not had one in 4 years! Steps to accomplish 1. Get a babysitter 2. Fork over the money. 3. Find time. I never do it! I opt to stay home with the kids, save the money, save the time and do it myself. I’m not quite as “pleased” but I don’t have the guilt I would have with the alternative. This makes me then realize I am indeed PLEASED!


Sometimes taking care of you is easier than it seems. Sometimes we, as I refer to it, put on a happy face.


Putting on a happy face gets you through moments in time. Sometimes these moments are years but eventually the emotions you are masking with a smile will surface. When they do it will not be pretty. You will realize this coping mechanism only led you further from who you are and definitely was not pleasing! To dig out of “the happy face syndrome” is to no longer neglect what is really going on in your life. NOT VERY PLEASING! When we acknowledge that changes, challenges, and hardships are there to deepen us, to remind us that we do get second chances, and that we are each made up of love, compassion, and healing, something remarkable happens. No more fake happy faces.

Sometimes facing changes, challenges and hardships mask the true gift of pleasure. Embrace all emotions. Good, bad, happy or sad. FEEL THEM. Live them. Be true to yourself. This is the most pleasant task one can do to live a pleasing life.


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