Terrific Tuesday June 18, 2013


Terrific Tueaday!

I like for today’s writings to be about something terrific going on here on the home front. Crafts, recipes, decor, etc. I have no plans on what this post will be about. Just goin’ with the flow…….

Father’s Day weekend was awesome and I do, in fact, have a delicious recipe to share. I’ll share the original as given to me then share how I tweeked it with Caitlee.

Butterfinger Cake
1- chocalate cake mix with ingredients to bake
1- can evaporated milk
1- lg. tub cool whip
3-4 butterfingers

Bake cake as a sheet cake according to package directions. When done baking poke holes and pour the condensed milk over the cake. Spread out to cover the entire cake. Crush 1 butterfinger into small bits. Sprinkle over the cake. Place cake back in oven for about 5-10 minutes, until the candy bar starts to melt. Take out of oven and cool. Crush 2 candy bars and mix with cool whip. Once cake is completely cooled, frost the cake with this mixture. Once again crush the last butterfinger if you chose to add this step. Sprinkle in top of cake. Store in fridge.

My Father’s Day version :

Do not bake cake according to sheet cake instructions.
Beat eggs ( whatever amount the box calls for) for 2 minutes.
Add mix
Instead of oil use slightly melted butter-
same amount
Instead of water- use milk- same amount.
Add 1/4 cup sour cream.
Beat for 2 minutes.

This cake was baked in a bundt pan.
I purchased fun size butterfingers ( 2 bags)
I only used 1/2 can condensed milk.
I poked smaller holes than I could with a sheet cake as well. The condensed milk kinda had to be spooned all over the cake. It will fall to the middle and sides so make sure your dish has a
lip to it. You will want the yummyness to soak into the cake. As it cooled i kept spooning it over the top and sides. The melting of the candy bar over the top of the cake step was omitted. Unwrap the butterfingers reserving 20. Crush the remaining, add and stir into
Cool whip. Top the cooled cake with this cool whip mixture. Use the 20 reserved butterfingers to line the edge of the cake. Standing up – taller rather than wider. Wrap a pretty ribbon around the cake. We filled ours with the left over cool whip to where it didn’t look like a bundt cake as well as wrote in regular icing Happy Father’s Day.

I’m not saying our version is better. You could definitely just use a round pan instead of a bundt but we were having fun, being creative and going with the flow. We knew he would love the finished product no matter what it was and he did. I’m sad I didn’t take pictures!

Now that I’ve shared the recipe I hope someone tries a version or makes up their own. Please let me know either way!

Our camp continues to be a work in progress. Earn your TV time is great as well as “summer school”. I’m even teaching our 14 year old how to drive! Boy do I remember learning to drive. Kids don’t get it. I know I didn’t. When my parents would say “I remember it like it was yesterday.” They did! I do!
She’s been “driving” for years in one way or another. All of our kids have. 4-wheelers, boats, in our laps on our property. The concept is there and she’s doing well. We even downloaded a free drivers ed app. I think I’m going to make her take a quiz before she gets to drive. Not quite sure yet.

Handsome hubby has been working hard and is spending nights at our home. I miss him terribly. Although I sure am spread out in our bed. However, I keep moving over closer to his side in search of him. He’s not there…… I hope tomorrow.

Oh, the picture! This is a chapel on Blind River and you can only get to it by boat! It’s said there have been miracles here but it has not been approved by the Catholic Church. We have wanted to visit the chapel since we heard of it 4 years ago and finally did!!! It met every expectation! If you live close by I highly recommend a visit.

Quick notes:
New book: Proof of Heaven
New flowers: dead
New bathing suit: shows more than I want

Hope your Tuesday was Terrific too!


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