Thoughtful Thursday- June 13

Thoughtful Thursday

I’ve been so excited to write this post! I finally finished the book and learned so much yet feel sure there is so much more to The Map! Therefore, I’m rereading it as well as teaching my kids at their various levels about the techniques, values and beliefs. It’s very exciting. Watching my daughter soak all the information in has been amazing. She questions almost everything which keeps me on my toes as well as challenges me. This also lets me know she is soaking it in, deciding if she wants these to use these thought processes for herself and knowing this daughter she is watching out for her mommy. One of my friends called tonight explaining that her son, who has been staying with us for a few days, is delusional. She went on to say he thought he could “dream something, come up with a plan and make it happen”! In my head I screamed ” YES!” he gets it! He’s only 11. But she isn’t ready for this information so I just said, ” he’s young and believes he can do it all! Isn’t that wonderful? Not to be tainted by others?” I can only imagine the look she was giving me through the phone. Today I will start introducing The Map to our 14 year old who lives with her mom. She’s a different kind of thinker. Smart in her own way, not a cerebral, deep, internal as the 13 year old. I can’t wait to see where this goes!!!!

The “act as if” is awesome. Very kid friendly. The other day we went on an outing to the library. I asked everyone to get into the G-wagon, Mercedes. No we don’t have one. The looks on their faces were priceless. We pretended the whole ride we had all the technology we think a G-wagon would have. By the time we were there I think we were in a spaceship. That was ok. I want them to dream, use their imagination!!!!

A game we played in the past which now seems so mean is to “give” someone on our boat the most rotten, dilapidated, run down house or boat on the bayou. Never lived in. Always abandoned and the boats are usually half sunk. I made a change this year. This year we only give the best to one another. Don’t we want each of us to
have the best after all?

So far the technique that has worked for me is the simplest. I call it “I will BE HAPPY. I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY”. There are moments of each day that I could hide in a cave for days. I decided to try this one day when I was overwhelmed running errands for 7 hours, not eating because I refuse to eat fast food with 4 kids in the car with me, one is sick, the 2 year old. I got out of the car to go into the 4th, yes 4th Walmart of the day plus sooooo much more. and said these words ” I will be happy. I choose to be happy” about 10 times. Half way thinking ” sure, lets see what you can do with this mood Universe!” About 30 minutes later I realized and the 4 kids I was indeed happy! What? Hold on? Did I eat? Did
someone pop a Xanax in my diet green tea? Seriously, is it that easy? Yes, my friends it is. The only rule is you have to want it to be that easy! I certainly do. How about you?


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