Terrific Tuesday-June 12

Can I be honest? I’ll shoot myself in the foot at the cost of being honest.

I might have mentioned this before but I feel very guilty about it. I don’t read other blogs. please forgive me! It’s hard enough to write the few words I write to find time to read. Reading blogs however is on my “happy” list. I know it will improve my “attempt” at a blog tremendously!

So much to tell y’all about on Terrific Tuesday!
1. My baby sister, 23, soon to be 24, will be moving to Nashville in just a few weeks! She is completely leaving her comfort zone of Baton Rouge! I’m so proud of her making this step. There are so many things that have kept her here over the years- a scholarship at LSU for a few of them was one, family was another. But she’s doing it! Moving to Nashville will be a great experience for her. Having a friend that’s a newbie, transplant from Baton Rouge will be great as well. I would appreciate any comments, advice, etc from y’all out there. She is pictured with me about. Of course I’m on the left, the much much older one! Sure going to miss her but so proud!

2. The 2, close to 3 year old has a hacking couch. I have a mysterious rash on my arms and legs. We went to the doctor yesterday. Walked out 1 hour later with 9 medications! No true diagnosis for me but the 5 different meds are working! I would guess so! Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t poison my body with steroids, etc but this is miserable! Getting better. The soon to be 3 walked in for the second time in a row with congestion and hacking cough only to walk out with a double ear infection. No fever (97.5), no tugging etc. His speech is not where I thought it would/ should be by his age although it improves daily. Long story short. He has an ENT appointment on the 18th of June. I’ll keep you posted!

3. A few of my worst critics for being a stay at home mom texted me the other day as I was putting walls up in our camp. A camp I lovingly call “CAMP
ASAP” as southern as possible. They asked how my day was, I’m assuming expecting me to say sitting down eating Bon bons. I told them what my task of the day was- putting up walls with a soon to be 3 year old helper. All other kids were gone. One replied with “great” the other replied with “by yourself”. I’ve learned to not let this bother. No one understands the role of some stay at home moms. I’m the handy man as well! My idea of a paycheck is saving as much as I can. Where some have to hire workers to do what I do. Another quick example. My daughter locked our from door with an old padlock yesterday. We don’t have the key. She didn’t know that, the padlock was sitting right there. I went through a series of things trying to get the lock off the door, unsuccessfully. Going to my handy dandy tool closet my eyes narrowed in on my cordless drill. Would it work? Who knows I’ve seen it done in movies….. What size bit?no clue, just pick one Do I need safely glasses. Yes. So off I went and viola. It worked! I have a pic ill post later. I wonder how much it would have cost a locksmith to take care of that??? Lets go with $150. We live on the bayou. Takes time to get here…

Tuesday has been terrific. News of new places to visit, possible answer for my babies speech, more security in my 13 year role of being a stay at home mom ( although I should be secure already , new outside forces come in and play on my insecurities, totally my fault )

Terrific Tuesday accomplished!

Tell me about yours!



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