Wellness Wednesday -June 12


Week 13 on Metabolism Miracle. The picture posted is after 4 weeks. I have lost another 15 pounds and 15 inches since. To be fair I have not lost all the weight I needed to lose on this life saving diet but I have found an answer to what my body needed and in the process I’ve found something I never thought I would find. I have found a passion for helping people who suffer from hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, insulin resistance and metabolic resistance. No, I am not a licensed professional. No I do not have qualifications other than walking the walk along with the others and have finally found success. I embarrassed myself by my before and “after” shot on Facebook and Instagram. More than anything to keep me honest. I have found that humiliation is a great motivator for me- probably need to work on that.

So far I have helped 4 people one on one and numerous people over Facebook and instagram. It’s a huge blessing and God send to be able to
find success, turn that into helping people and ultimately seeing beyond me to making it a passion to help ALL that suffer!

Dealing with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for almost 20 years now, since I was
24. Now dealing with metabolic resistance and insulin resistance has taught me alot. I’m not one to accept what a doctor says and do what they say. I question it all, research and counter their methods if necessary. This is my body! I challenge everyone to do the same. If we put all of our trust in 1
person we are not being smart about our bodies. Research, ask people you know, ask the very same doctor why? Get on forums, look at mayoclinic.com for example.

Just yesterday I was diagnosed with some skin disorder – the doctor had to
look it up. He gave me the name. Right then as there I looked it up and questioned him. It didn’t present itself like the medical source said, didn’t have the same symptoms. Don’t just give me a name to shut me up. He then admitted he couldn’t figure out what i have. That wasn’t my point. I wanted to know, learn an ask question right then. I was uncomfortable, my baby was sick. I just wanted to get better. Recently a friend of mine was told a medication was discontinue basically because her doctor didn’t want her taking it. He took over an previous doctors practice. She called the pharmacy. It has not been discontinued and is in fact the best medicine for her ailment. Take care of yourself! Follow your instincts. Don’t just sit there. Seek help!

On a lighter note if you are low carbing as I am. You might enjoy these tasty treats.

Jalepeno Bear Claws

15 fresh jalepeno’s halved ( hot dog
Style my kids would say) deseed and
Deviened. The white vein is where the best is. Use water to rinse after you have scooped out all innards and use gloves!

8oz cream cheese

2 tbsp. season salt or other salt blend more or less to taste

15 slices of thin bacon, cut in half down. Not making it thinner. Just straight half way in the middle

30 fresh peeled, deveined shrimp

Blend cream cheese and season salt use sooo not fork. Even food processor or mixer. Whatever you desire.

Take 1 pepper at a time fill with cream cheese mixture. If there is extra add more to the peppers. You will see why after they cook!

Place on foil lined deep cookie sheet spread with non stick spray.

Set 1 shrimp on each pepper

Wrap each with bacon. Making sure the end is on the bottom or use toothpicks I hold in place.

Bake at 375 until bacon is
Cooked. About 30 minutes???

Serve with BBQ sauce of your choice. If you are low carbing be careful with too much sauce.

Now, the extra yummy partn is the stuff we fight over at our house. All of the cream cheese on the pan.

Enjoy !

I’ve been making these for 20 years and still a favorite. One of my first recipes I made up after having something similar at a restaurant. Ill take mine any day!

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