Mommy Monday

I’m happy to report that the chores and “earn TV time” chart are going well. I’m happier to report the stress taken off of me!

I must admit it was a bit disheartening to see my 11 year old son work so hard to earn tv time, but that was the point wasn’t it? Once I was able to get beyond the fact that he could have done this work before had he wanted to and focus on the fact that he is doing it now and I didn’t have to, I was a little better. He earned 3 1/2 hours his first day and is on his way to earning 5 or more hours today. What’s interesting is that he hasn’t watched tv.

My 13 year old has earned a little more but is not doing it to earn tv. She is acting as she always does and truly does not enjoy tv. She is just trying to help me. She had the biggest problem implementing the chart because she didn’t see the need in making kids do what was right in the first place. I explained that she just needed to keep being herself and not worry about the others. I explained it as if congress passed a new law. If we were already obeying that law we should have no problem with it. Probably not the best analogy but she got the point.

All is well. I’m continuing to mentor a few on their weight loss journey. Who knew this would be a passion of mine but it is. So blessed to have all that I have. So blessed to have the ability to create my reality. I am watching things change, improve, grow and blossom every day!


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