Thoughtful Thursday- Positive Thinking


Today was a great day!

THE MAP, by Boni Lonnsburry, is quite possibly the most life altering book I’ve read. The Secret was great. It opened my eyes to the idea of vision boards, putting things out there in the universe, what you think about you bring about. It did not give me the tools necessary to make life altering changes that literally change me to the core.

One rule of the book is to share this information only with people that will be accepting of it. She didn’t word it that way. That my interpretation. I’m sharing it with you because it is not fare not too.

One task is to write a “hate letter” to whom ever you need to and burn it. I’ve been to therapist before. I’ve written a hate letter to the person who abused me as a child. That letter did nothing to improve my thoughts. Maybe I wrote it when I as too young and not ready to let go of the pain, shame, hate, and all of the negative feelings that come with being abused. I don’t know. You would think my degree in psychology would help me figure these things out but sometimes it just makes me over analyze. So, this new hate letter was just to be written to anyone you had negativity towards. I wrote and I wrote. For three nights I read the book and added to my letter. Never did I pat attention to what I was writing. I wrote from the gut and heart. Wanting to be as raw as possible. Wanting to get to the core of my negativity. When I was finished writing and sobbing I planned on burning without reading but something told me to read it. Something told me I needed to because of my lack of consciousness as I wrote. Boy was I shocked and saddened. I HATED MYSELF! I knew I was negative. I knew negativity was ingrained in me. I knew I strived hard to think positively. With each sentence learned more and more that I hated myself for all the bad that had happened in my life. For being abused. For my childhood. For choices I let people make. For so many things that I didn’t control. Some may wonder how you can hate yourself for being abused or your childhood. These are things you can’t control. You are right! But I hated that I let them define my reality so much that they controlled my today not just my yesterday. I never let go. Now I’m learning to let go. Positivity is what runs through my veins. If it isn’t I sit back and have a talk with my negative self. I let her tell me all the bad things she needs to and then I tell her all the good things I need to. I place her words in a beautiful imaginary box wrapped with a beautiful imaginary red bow and send it up to heaven and asked that all the negativity be healed. This technique is different. You have to have an open mind to use it. You have to have an open mind to realize you create your own reality too! If you have an open mind I suggest reading THE MAP! It’s is outstanding!


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