Wellness Wednsday- losing it!


Good morning! I hope this posts finds all of you doing well! Today is Wellness Wednesday which is a perfect time to talk about taking care of yourself. Be it weight, addiction, not eating right, not exercising we all have things we can work on to improve our physical health. Don’t even get me started on all of the mental health issues! -I say that in jest but with much seriousness behind it.

Today I chose to write about helping everyone you can, in any way that you can if you find success in something that you once were not so successful at or searched long periods of time, tried every thing under the sun and nothing worked. If you were a “lucky one” and found a solution to your problem put it out there. Tell people about it. Tell them your story- how you got there, what you tried, why it worked or why not. You owe it to yourself! What? You ask. Yes, you owe it to yourself.

I remember my first post on Facebook about my significant weight loss. I live in a small town. I’m not friends with a lot of people in my town on Facebook. I stay in my car a pick up, I grocery shop outside of town. I was ashamed. My friends are far away and let’s face it pictures can be tweaked if necessary. I remember one picture in-particular that I use as my before pic was taken the same day as a picture I have hanging on the wall in our home of my handsome hubby and me. I don’t think people in cyber world knew I was dealing with anything, especially weight but we were dealing with a lot. After that first post I had many people reach out to cheer me on or to ask more about what I was doing. In that post I had a before/after ( current to that time), explained my medical issues ( Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroid, insulin resistance, metabolic resistance and STRESS!) But because of another Facebook page. Thyroid Sexy I found success in a small blurb, in a small post. I saw 2 words. METABOLISM MIRACLE.

Immediately I looked it up. Not wanting to start yet another diet I researched for 2 weeks then went to my husband with my new found info. I was ready for the debate. He immediately said “yes, let’s do it”. What, I was ready for a debate? I have all this research, I……ok. We started the next day. To date I’ve lost 20 pounds and 27 inches in 3 months. My body fat before was 49%!!!!! Today it’s 26%. I’ve lost 30% of my body weight! Handsome hubby doesn’t like measurements and all the calculators but has had as much success if not more than myself!

What I’ve gained is motivating 4 other people to start the same program as me. They look to me for support and guidance. Two thank me daily for my support, time, tips, etc. Little do they know what they give to me. They keep me on track, they make me feel pretty special. Now I know why personal trainers do what they do.

Watching a TV show last night, Undercover Boss, there was a story of a boss who admitted his alcoholism. This admission kept 1 man that he knew of sober. This is life changing stuff people. You hear someone say ” if I only help one person I’ll be happy”. It’s so true!!

So get out there. Share your story. Share your triumphs. It’s not bragging. At first it was quite embarrassing! Shameful. I had to get over that. Something deeper within was calling me to tell people my story. I’m so glad I did!

If you want to know more about what I have done or more about Metabolism Miracle please comment. I’ll be glad to share!


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