Terrific Tuesday


Chore chart is in place. “Let’s Earn TV Time, Y’all” chart is in place. The house is functioning like a well oiled machine……. NOT! I’ve been trying to listen to a Hashimotos Thyroid webinar for 2 hours. It was 1 hour long. Having to pause the audio every couple of
minutes to clean spilled milk, take the
2 year old to potty, outside, of coarse, and taking notes really took a toll on my patience. I decided to look at bags of stuffed animals my dad brought from Texas for my kids to do what they wanted to with. About 1/4 ways down in this big black bag there was a white bag. I pulled it out. There was another white bag. I pulled it out as well. These did not have stuffed animals. Let me set the tone a little….. My parents were divorced by the time I was 3. My dad saves everything. My mom saves nothing. I lived with my mom. My dad remarried when I was 4 and my step mother has always said you only have to look at me wrong to make me cry. I’m a sensitive soul, I say. In my current reading of The Map I have changed beliefs, projected my desires and started creating the world I want, not just living in the world I create. There is a difference. I will explain that Thursday. Today is Terrific Tuesday and boy is it TERRIFIC. I have desired for so long to have childhood memorabilia. So back to today. Opening the first bag I realized my dad sent what he had of my baby clothes, shoes, and room decor. I could barely contain myself. To some it
might not mean anything to me it’s so much. It’s love of a daddy. Saving his baby girls things. What was left…..I can’t imagine how he felt at 24 having his daughter move across the country. He held on to everything! The clothes are stained and mostly homemade. The shoes are visibly worn. Gives me chills. Because I never had a thing from
my childhood I hoard my children’s items. Every and I do mean every sheet of scribbled paper. This necessity led to a big problem as they grew and continue to grow. Projects decorate my halls. Their art is framed. School work is organized in legal boxes by year. Yes every single paper that comes home. My son has a crate for every season he has played baseball. In it is his uniform, team balls, team pic and any other memorabilia. My daughters gymnastics leotards are hung by year in her closet. Every special occasion dress is hung by occasion. One day they will have a chance to do what they chose with these items. Until then I cherish them because each item represents the growth of the young adults and toddler my handsome hubby and I are molding for this world. I know it do all of this for my kids out of my own desire to have. I hope they chose to do the same for theirs.

As a side note- typing from my iPhone is not easy for me to keep my thoughts in order!

Hope it wasn’t difficult to follow along. The darling 2 year old has been up and down and all around the whole time I’ve tried to type!! Love every minute!


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