Moving Day!


When I started this blog. I set out with intentions. Intentions I learned to put in place because of The Map, the book I try to discuss on Thursdays. To summarize my intentions for my blog (which by the way was supposed to be named Simply Cynful not sure what happened there but I’ve learned to go with the flow!) here is what each day is meant to be:
Mommy Monday- I would attempt to give wonderful tips on how to better take care of yourself as a mom. Sometimes I planned on giving tips to non-moms (dads, friends, relatives) on helping mom not ask for help.
Terrific Tuesday- discussing anything terrific going on- crafts, recipes, decor, repurposing ( a free for all- hodge lodge).
Wellness Wednesday- taking care of your body, simple enough!
Thoughtful Thursday- finding I only read self help books and usually don’t finish them I’m thinking this would hold me accountable.

Mommy Monday:
Not looking too good so far this week! Busy week here in south Louisiana. The pic about sums it up. We have a camp in Muarepas, LA. My little slice of heaven. We choose not to have tv or Internet here. We live here from the day school is out until a few days before school starts! My heaven was destroyed by Hurricane Isaac. ( I’ve probably mentioned that in a previous post. For those that follow me I am sorry for the repetition. There are a whopping 10 of you now! I am so excited and grateful.)

My father, my brother, a family friend and my husband have spend countless hours, pouring every ounce of energy they have into this camp. We have a long way to go. For example, interior walls from 3 feet down. But you can’t imagine where it was. We lost everything. But leave it to my dad to drive the 13 hour trip from Texas with replacements for EVERYTHING in our camp down to a colander. You see he grew up on the Mississippi coast. His brother lost his house during Katrina. He knew what we needed. That happened last September.

A 8 foot in diameter tree fell with all roots coming up with it that left a huge hole in the yard on the water front side. This last visit they solely worked outside. Don’t want to bore you with those details but it is amazing what they have done!

Needless to say much work has been done by me and my little “helper” this week. Much work has been done by “the 4 amigos”. Much work is waiting to be completed.

My other 3 wonderful wonders are with other parents! I miss them so! Some of them don’t enjoy the camp as much as others. Oh well, this is a momocracy here!

Mommy Monday suggestions ?
1. Let people help you, even though you can’t imagine the depth of their giving. My brother, newly engaged used his vacation time to work on our camp and Mr. Victor is just the best things since crawfish, apple pie and Hurricanes (the drink, that is) all rolled together. My dad has funded a vast majority of this salvage. That’s a hard pill to swallow. But I swallowed it because he wouldn’t have done any of it had he not wanted to.
2. When you work your tushy off (I caught my self detailing all the work, which really doesn’t matter) it’s ok to get the kids in bed as well as yourself before the sun goes down!
3. Last but not least show gratitude in any way that you can!

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