Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday

Metabolism Miracle has saved me and it might be able to help you too!

Oh my goodness, potty training my son and typing are not working out so well today!  Two drafts  have been deleted! Maybe its a sign!

So my story that led me to this book is a long, hard story.  I wrote about it previously.  Maybe the posts were “lost” for a reason.  You don’t need to hear my problems. You might just need answers!  If you have metabolic resistance, thyroid issues, hashimotos thyroiditis, insulin resistance or you have tried every diet imaginable and cannot lose weight this just might be the diet for you.  Are you easily fatigued, mildly depressed, frequently anxious, crave carbs, have trouble sleeping, find it difficult to concentrate, or have no sex drive? If so, you need to stop reading this and go get this book, now!

I had 60-70 pounds to lose.  After MANY diets without much success and barely hanging on to the success I did achieve I found this diet.  In less than 12 weeks I have lost 20 pounds (much  more than what I was used to losing) and lost 27 inches!  My goal is 5 pounds away.

Weight issues are one thing to struggle with but adding metabolic issues is like adding grease to a fire.

This is a way of life. It does not take carbs away or any food away forever.  This plan reboots your system  It cleans your pancreas. It makes your body metabolize correctly again.  It is simple. You can eat out, you can follow it when you travel, you basically have no reason not to do it.

I am going to leave it at that for those not interested!  I will answer any questions.  Because of my facebook posts 4 people have began their journey to wellness and I am so proud of them for it.  Please don’t hesitate to ask. I truly am here to help.  Metabolism Miracle is actually the reason I was encouraged to start blogging!  Next week I might get the courage to post a progress pic!


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