Thoughtful Thursday……The Magic Of Intentions

Thoughtful Thursday......The Magic Of Intentions

Welcome, to Thoughtful Thursday!

I must say reading this book, The Map, has been life changing and quite frankly at times difficult. Not difficult to understand. Difficult to change your life’s creation into something different something better! What I believe, at this moment, is every child should be brought up by a person who BELIEVES and PRACTICES this steps in this book.
There are a few techniques done daily which take just a few minutes. One technique is basically getting to know “you” the real you. You ask the real you to present his or herself to you to show you who you are. The premise is we chose to come to earth when, where, how and to whom. We forgot along the way why. We forgot who we are. When we remember who we are is when we really begin to live. Sounds great to me. I’m all about reincarnation, I believe my son is the soul of my handicapped brother her passed away the night my son was conceived. So this isn’t too out there for me! Ok, so I ask myself to come to me show me who I am, teach me, guide me, tell her I want to be a better person. I quickly fell asleep. Counldn’t wait..I have visions of seeing this beautiful person come to me and walk me through flowery fields, speak softly to me, show me the way. Well let me tell you, it didn’t happen that way. The only face I saw that night was the devils! Oh my goodness. I woke up over and over thinking “oh great, I’m the devil. Well, I can’t tell my kids this, they might agree!” I continued on the next day. Stated my intentions…..there are many.

They are coming true!
Some generic examples:

I intend to create the most loving relationship possible with my partner.
I intend every moment I work to be filled with fun, creativity, excitement, abundance, prosperity, joy, service and positive surprises.
I intend to deepen and strengthen my loving relationship with God.
I intend to always feel I am in the right place at the right time for my intentions to come true.

Are a few.

Try writing your own. Do not be too specific, specifics place limits. Do not use “not” “won’t” and negative sounding words.

If you want money:
I intent unlimited cash and resources to flow into my life easily, abundantly and endlessly.

Intentions are like goals. They need to be clear and tangible.

Try it and let me know what you think! Can’t wait!


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